Coventry-Motette Tricars & Motorcycles

Lawson Co
  • Produced the Coventry-Motette motorcycles from 1899 to 1900.

    The project involved a modified version of the Bollee tricar that had belt drive and its cylinder alongside the rear wheel, and the crank-shaft and reduction gear ahead of it. The passenger seat went between the front wheels and the driver sat behind.

    The company also built a ladies' model that had the engine ahead of the rear wheel, which was driven by a wooden pulley pressed against the tyre. The rider was seated above the petrol tank and hot-tube ignition burner, but despite this, the machine travelled safely from Coventry to London.

    Produced the Beeston motorcycle from 1896 to 1901.

    This company first produced a tricycle that mirrored the De Dion in 1896. The 1.25hp engine was mounted behind the rear axle, which it drove by gears.

    1897 The company produced its first motorized bicycles.

    By 1898 they had gone into production and manufactured a quadricycle - the tricyle fitted with two front wheels with a forecar-style passenger seat hung between them. That year also saw the arrival of a motorcycle with an extended frame to accommodate the engine that was mounted just in front of the rear wheel, and direct chain drive.

    In 1901 the company closed.

    Note: They were also called Humber-Beeston and Beeston-Humber.

Source: Graces Guide

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