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A Brief History of the Iso built in Madrid

Sinforiano Echeverria came to a business arrangement with the Iso parent company to manufacture the Iso in Spain, under licence.

Iso Motor Italia SA was formed in April 1951 and a 12,000 square metre factory was established in Carabanchel, Madrid.

The Isoscooter and the Isomoto were launched and had almost immediate sales success. 1954 saw the release of the Iso T19, a 19-inch wheel model with the same engine but with most of the chassis and components now built in Spain. A series of motocarro began that year, initially with 125cc engines and later with 150cc units. These were the Isocarro.

They began building a Spanish version of the Isetta, and in 1959 came to an arrangement with Borgward to build small trucks, vans and minibuses with four-cylinder four-stroke engines. This new venture also did very well.

Motorcycle sales for 1962 were 1,500 units, and for 1963 1,089. With the advent of cheap, light cars and the increasing national prosperity, Spain was experiencing a strong decline in motorcycle sales, as had most other European countries.

The Spanish company exported to Morocco and several South American countries.

In 1965 the Iso parent company closed, and Iso Spain was in difficulties. It was acquired by IMOSA.

Iso Models, Spain
125cc Iso Moto and Iso Scúter 1952-1954
Iso 125 GT 125cc 80 Km 1962
Iso 125 GT D and E, different paintwork, otherwise very similar
Iso 150
Iso Meteor 125cc, 105km/h, 1960. Sport version available with stronger 125cc engine, and a 150cc Meteore was also was offered.

Additionally, several Isocarro and the 4 wheel Iso Gali were built from 1954 well into the 1960s. In total some 49,000 motocarros left the Spanish factory.
The Isetta was built at the Spanish factory in large numbers, still under licence to Iso Italy, fitted with a 236cc engine. It was produced untli 1961.
Around this time the Borgward name began appearing in the Iso advertising literature, particularly with the Isettacaro version of the Isetta, and shortly thereafter advertisements for full-size commercial vans showed the company name as Borgward Iso Española, S.A.