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Bertoni Motorcycles of Lodi

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

In 1948 Luigi Bertoni, sporting director of M.C. Emilio Marchi of Lodi, built a racing motorcycle powered by a twin cylinder 125cc twostroke engine. At least two machines were built as there are two Bertoni motorcycles recorded at Lodi circuit that year, one ridden by Nina, the son of Bertoni, and the other by Battista Soresini

These motorcycles were built on the personal initiative of Bertoni in order to participate in competition.

The chronicles of the time indicate that the two motorcycles were impressive even though they had not undergone great development.

The rear suspension consists of a double spring applied in the middle of the seat tube, with shock absorbers fitted to the parallelogram fork.

In the following years more success was achieved on the track, and their motorcycles entered production. The Daino 125 Competizione, a production twin, was available in 1948-49.

1953 saw the introduction of the Fanfullino auxilliary bicycle engine.

By 1956 some 1150 machines had been sold. Most of the production went to Belgium and Luxembourg where they were known as Daino, but the market there collapsed due to a change in the laws for light motorcycles without pedals, and Luigi Bertoni decided to cease production and concentrate on automotive maintenance and repairs, along with car racing.

The business still exists in the same location, now known as the Ricaboni workshop.

Note: There is no relationship between this marque and Franco Bertoni of MV fame.

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