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Gazzi Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Manufactured: 1926 to 1932

Gazzi was active from 1926 to 1932, initially producing auxiliary engines, pumps, oil recovery and transmissions for bicycles engines.

Their motorcycles had a 175cc engine, delivered in versions Turismo (SV), Turismo Lusso (OHV) and Sport (also OHV), along with a 250cc model.

During this period they moved three times to different locations in Milan, always in the area of the canals.

The first business was at Rip. Gratosoglio 65 and called and Adolfo Gazzi & C., the second was at Via Meda 33, the company then named Officine Meccaniche Gazzi.

Third address was via Montegani 7, now under the company name of A.Gazzi & A.Bersani.

In 1929, single-cylinder vertical 4-stroke 175cc engines were built, followed by 250cc overhead valve units, both intended for sale to builders of lightweight motorcycles.

In 1930 they began producing their own motorcycles with rigid frame using their own four-stroke dry-sump engines. .

The Turismo Lusso model had two exhaust pipes, and reportedly a hemispherical head with overhead valves. It was fed by a Binks carburetor, and had a Gazzi oil pump which returned the oil to the tank. Fired by a Bosch magneto, it had a Gazzzi three-speed gearbox with final drive by Renold chain. These were fitted to a cradle frame with Druid forks and a Terry saddle.

The 25in x 3in wheels were fitted with Hutchinson balloon tyres, and the saddle fuel tank capacity was 8 litres. Consumption was 2 litres per 100 km, oil capacity 1.5 liters and claimed top speed was 80 km/h.

In 1931 the frame was redesigned as was the engine which was inclined, sloper fashion, unlike its vertical predecessors.

This model awarded Gazzi competition success, but alas the market had declined to the point where production of these fine machines was no longer viable. Production ceased in 1932.


Gazzi built motorcycles and engines and gearboxes under the VIS (V.I.S.) brand from 1920 to 1925. A 1925 model had a 132cc two-stroke engine with a 2-speed gearbox.

Saglietti of Turin used their engines.

The address for the company at that time was Sede in Corso San Gottardo N° 43-45, Milano.

There were other marques with this name - see Disambiguation

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