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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in Bologna 1957-1962.

Palmieri & Gulinelli was founded in the early 1950s to produce frames, mudguards and tanks for mopeds. Their address was Via Battindarno 226, Bologna.

They presented the Guizzo 50 at the 1957 Milan Motor Show, where it gained positive feedback. Powered by a 49cc two-stroke from FBM Minarelli with whom they had a close relationship (they were next door, at 224), the first thousand machines were built and marketed from the spring of 1958. The 50 was was soon joined by a 150cc model.

The Guizzo scooter, among the most interesting in Italy at the time, was remodelled in 1959 and the moped was updated the following year.

In 1959 the company offices moved to San Lazzaro di Savena. By 1961 the Guizzo was exported to markets in Northern Europe and South America, where it was marketed by Lujan in Argentina.

In 1961 the scooter was fitted with a four-speed gearbox and had further bodywork refinement.

A third version of the scooter was presented in 1962, now with a Moto Morini engine. These were difficult times for motorcycle producers, with the advent of small, cheap cars, and motorcycle production ceased in 1965 in favour of spare parts.

Scooter models:

Guizzo 150 1957-1959 1st series
Guizzo 150-2 1959-1960 2nd series
Guizzo 150-3 1960-1961 3rd series
Guizzo 150/61 1962

Sources: MC Storico Conti,, Tragatsch p.153.

Thu Oct 21 2010
rebirth777<at>yahoo dot com
guizzo 150
i just got this 56? and i know noyhing about it.. two stroke? value? parts? market to sale?

thank you

Thu Sep 30 2010
info<at>gemalta dot com
Guizzo 150cc
I'm interested in a Guizzo scooter 150cc. Can anyone help me to locate one and what are the average prices?

Sat Mar 27 2010
Guizzo Prima Serie 1954
Guizzo Prima serie model 1954
Le mando fotos de mi Guizzo Prima Serie modelo 1954, Saludos Cristian
Buenos Aires

Wed Jan 20 2010
schem at
guizzo scooter
guizzo 150
Dear sir,
My name is Simon Schembri and I am from Malta , I would like to know if there are any sites so that I can check about Guizzo scooters, ant if there are parts still avalable for it and what are the prices for Guizzo scooters

Thanks in advance.

Sat Jun 06 2009
cristiansani at
Scooter Guizzo
Palmieri&Gulinelli 1961 Guizzo
Estimado señor:Le envio fotos del Scooter Guizzo para ser publicadas en su pagina WEB,saludos Cristian Sani (ARGENTINA)
Buenos Aires

Sun Dec 28 2008
Guizzo Scooter
Guizzo 150
I wrote to you a while about Guizzo Scooters as I have one! Since then I have changed my email address. it is now dave at
Mansfield UM

Tue Nov 06 2007
cristiansani at
Scooter Guizzo
guizzo 150cc
Estimados señores:Yo soy propietario de un scooter Guizzo año 1961,quisiera contactarme con gente que tenga este scooter,mi direccion de mail es:cristiansani at, adjunto foto de mi moto, cordiales saludos,Cristian Sani
Buenos Aires

Fri Sep 01 2006
150 scooter
Do you know anything about Guizzo scooters. They were made in Bologna around 1958 to 1962.

I have one in my garage!


East Midlands, UK