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Mini Marcellino Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1969-1973
Ravenna, Sant Pietro, Vincoli.

These were made both in Italy and in Spain.

The folding motorcycle is among the most successful of the period, the Super America version having been introduced at the Milan Motorcycle Show in 1969.

The Italian Mini Marcellino was manufactured by DMT (Dinamica Meccanica Tassinari). The original DMT machines were powered by a Franco Morini 47.6cc engine with pull-start, mounted in a rigid frame with very limited (if any) front suspension and tiny wheels. There was also a Super America believed to have been built at the Italian factory.

Mini Marcelino, Spain

The Spanish version was built by Emesto Palmieri, a former employee of Ducati, in association with two Spanish businessmen. They established the Dismave company and utilised Ducati 48cc engines built under licence by Mototrans, who also marketed the innovative mini-bikes.

The factory was in Sagunto, near Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, and the first machines left the production line in 1969.

Initially they had the same name as the Italian machines, (Mini Marcellino), with one L dropped around 1971.

In total, some 3700 Spanish machines were built in three models, the last of which had rear suspension. Production ended in 1972.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al.

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