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Morgans have used JAP, MAG and Matchless V-Twins, among others.

Morgan 1933 article

sparestrcy at
morgan magneto jap engine
sir I am trying to help my customer here in manila for his morgan and we need a Morgan magneto JAP engine do you have this sir ? How much if ever including shipping to california usa
Timmy Bernardino
san francisco california usa

  • The following page may help you identify the engine. Once you have done so, try searching on the JAP engine type.
    Morgan-TBe image posted to Comments.

johndickin9 at
Hello I have the above. The engine is a MAG air cooled unit. Engine number. 2C X111 40203. Any information welcomed. Regards John Dickin.
John Dickin
Walsall UK

Tue May 09 2017
phi1ip.clarke at
Dear Sir,we have an old Morgan which we recently purchased from the U.K.The car was shipped to Shenzhen China where it will be displayed at a museum and used for marketing the brand name "Morgan"here in China.We would like to send the old Magneto back to the U.K to be overhauled.It has been modified in the mean time with a Dizzy and coil.Does anyone know where I can send the Magneto to be rewound as I would like to get this classic back to it's original condition.
I have included a few photos of the work we've done so far.many thanks for the Help in advance

Morgan-China.jpg posted to Comments.

  • Try Peter Scott at
    Otherwise try the Electrics section in Bikelinks -

Mon Mar 03 2008
tricyclucar at
Instruction book MAG engine
Morgan 1921 Family
Hello, 2 weeks ago I bought an old Morgan Threewheeler from a car collector in Belgium. According to the Morgan Threewheeler Club, this could be one off the oldest Morgan 4 seaters in existence. It has the beautiful Motosacoche watercooled V-twin engine, that was also used in the Grand Prix model. I`m looking for an instruction book for this type of engine, so that I can check the ignition and other engine settings before I start the engine.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals (but nothing yet for Motosacoche 0803)............
Dear Ed,

I have been looking through my Morgan documentation, but I could not find a lot!
The MAG engine used in the Morgan was adopted in the early years of the car's manufacture. The IOE MAG engine developed for use in cyclecars was fitted to Morgans from 1915 to 1923.


Inlet Over Exhaust

Aka the F-Head, the IOE system was widely used in early four-stroke engines. Italiano: valvole di aspirazione sopra quelle di scarico; contrapposte.

The use of the MAG engines by Morgan was discontinued when MAG refused to supply Mr. Morgan at a price he was prepared to pay. MAG offered the following engines for use in cyclecars: 2C9A air-cooled 993 cc (82 x 94 mm), 2C13A air-cooled 1094 cc (82 x 104 mm) and 2C20A water-cooled 1094 cc (82 x 104 mm). The magneto was mounted on a special platform in front and was bevel driven. In addition, both the exhaust ports faced outward. These 2 features were specially introduced for the Morgan Company. The identification code for the engine is located on the left hand side of the engine. The quoted output of the 9 hp 2C20A engine was 26 bhp at 2.600 rpm. In 1920 a MAG engine was £5 extra, in 1922 £7 extra when ordering, on a total price of around £200.
Starting handles can be fitted to the front of these engines if after late 1920, particulary those with a suffix A wich seems to indicate that the camshaft bevel has a dog in it. The handle comes in 2 types, a direct acting one which means you swing the engine backwards as the drive is taken by the camshaft, perhaps only suitable for left-handed people. There is also a geared version which works in the conventional manner. The English MAG depot was in 839 Harrow Road, Willesden Junction, London NW 10.

Tip for the Morgan owner found in The Bulletin (Club magazine) of May 1976; "I would
advise anyone who is running or intends to run one of these motors to look upon it as a
sophisticated SV unit which will give good service if treated with respect, and not to think of it as a substitute for a tuned OHV JAP which it is not... The one point that the engine does score on is torque, they have a great deal more than the contemporary SV JAP and the 0-10 mph acceleration can be exhilarating!

I hope this information is useful for the new Morgan page, I also add another picture of
a MAG engined Morgan seen at a Morgan meeting at Brooklands.


Luc Ryckaert

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