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1936 Models at the Olympia Show

Morgan 990cc Super Sports for 1936

Where the well-known liveliness comes from : the power unit of the 990 c.c. air-cooled Super Sports model

Morgan Four-Cylinder for 1936

Sporting body lines, accentuated by the two-colour finish - the four-cylinder two-seater Morgan


STAND 86 : Smart Three-wheelers for the Sportsman or Family Man : A High-performance Four-cylinder Two-seater

Morgan Motor Co.. Ltd., Malvern Link, Wores.

Family Model.—990 c.c. twin-cyl. side-valve w.c. Morgan-Matchless, dry sump lubrication; coil ignition; 3-speed and reverse gear, with hand control; fuel, 4 gals.; 26x4.00in tyres.
Price with electric lighting, £96 12s.

ALL the nine models on the Morgan stand look particularly smart, and details of their construction are revealed in the two chassis exhibited.

The “Family” model is still one of the most popular in the range, providing, as it does, very economical transport for more than two persons. It has a two-door coachbuilt body with all-weather equipment, which includes a hood and side shields, while four adults can be carried . with ease. This model is fitted with a side-valve water-cooled engine, while the generous tyres, “Float-on-Air” cushions, adjustable front seats, and other items make for comfortable and pleasant motoring.

Super Sports Model.—990 c.c. twin-cyl. o.h.v. Morgan-Matchless; dry sump lubrication; coil ignition ; 3-speed and reverse gear, with hand control; fuel, 4 gals.; 26x4in. tyres
Price with electric lighting. £126, air-cooled; £136 10s., water-cooled.

One glance at the Super Sports model is sufficient to arouse the admiration of the enthusiast. With speed and performance in every line, this model remains one of the most successful three-wheelers ever produced. In its standard form it has a twin air-cooled engine, but it is also available with a specially tuned water-cooled power unit. Good acceleration and road holding are two of its strong points, and the list of successes it has obtained testifies to the fact that its powers are in keeping with its appearance.

An unusually tastefully turned-out job is the new four-cylinder model, with a two-seater body and dual colour scheme. This model represents real luxury on three wheels, and it should not be forgotten that 8 h.p. and 10 h.p. engines are available, the latter giving a truly remarkable performance. Four-seater models can also be obtained with the four- cylinder engine.

There remains the “Sports” two-seater, in which any one of three different twin-cylinder engines can be fitted, namely, side- and overhead-valve water-cooled and overhead-valve air-cooled.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.

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