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Moto Morini Camel

Moto Morini Camel

Moto Morini Camel

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Camel 500

1981-1983. Used the same engine as the 500 road model, with a 6-speed transmission. Detuned for low-end torque. Drums brakes front and rear. Twin-shock rear suspension, round-tube frame. Kickstart only. 137 kg (300 lb) dry weight. Handsome traditional styling, round headlight. Very high seat (35 inch), mixed 6- and 12-volt electrics.

Camel 500 Mk 2

1983 - 1984. Major restyling, lower suspension that was better suited to road use, round headlight with square plastic surround.

Camel 501 X2

1985-86. Major upgrade to the 501 engine: 507cc from 71 mm bore, Nikasil barrels, L5 camshaft, 11.5:1 compression ratio, 43 HP at 8500 RPM. Monoshock rear suspension, new square-tube chassis, front and rear disc brakes. Square headlight.

Camel 501 X3

1987. Electric start. 12-volt electrics replaced earlier 6v/12v sysem. New side panels, fairing and hand protectors, 21-litre Paris-Dakar type petrol tank.

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