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Nassetti Motorcycles

Nassetti models include
Dilly Trave -moped
Dilly Luxe
Dilly Sport
Dilly Modello Turismo
Dilly Modello Sport
Sery Sport / Turismo - OHC moped
Il Pellegrino ( Brunetta) - bicycle clipon

Nassetti History

Mon Apr 20 2015
bucorvo at
nassetti pellegrino
nassetti pellegrino
Svuotando la soffitta di mio nonno ho trovato un motore nassetti pellegrino con serbatoio, leva del gas e altra componentistica in stato di conservazione più che buono. Gradirei avere informazioni a riguardo e un'approssimativa valutazione di mercato.
Sono disponibilissimo all invio di foto e dettagli.


Emptying the attic of my grandfather I found an engine Nassetti pellegrino with tank, throttle and other components in more than good condition. I would like to have information about and an approximate market valuation.
I am amenable to sending photos and details.

Wed Jul 13 2011
Nassetti ohc 50cc moped
Nassetti Sery ohc
I does have a Nassetti 50cc ohc (ovberhead camshaft) moped, obviously a prototype. Therefore I should like to contact Dr. Manuella Nassetti. Can you give me her E-mail address?

Herewith another picture of the ohc 50cc Nassetti of 1955.

I should like to get the E-mail adressmof the family Nassetti. can you help me out\/

Yours sincerely,

Bill Marynis, Leidschendam, Holland.

Fri Sep 16 2005
bertheideveld at
The nassetti homepage is now on (404)

January 21, 2002
Dear biker,
I have an url of a nice homepage about nassetti: (404)
Owners email: bertheideveld at hosts this site and sponsors it.
Friendly Greetings
Marrette Wiersema -- marrette at

June 22, 2000
My name is Dr. Manuela Nassetti.
I was very pleased to find my name on your site. Fortunately, my grandfather was the one who manufactured the Nassetti motorcycles.

We have three old samples which we are very proud of. I am interested in finding others. Please if you know of some let me know, I would be happy to find other samples.

In case you would like to share information, I would be pleased to keep in touch.

Thank you

Dr. Manuela Nassetti -- gigia at

April 25, 1999
To all Nassetti-fans,
My name is Bert Heideveld, Arnhem Holland. (email: bertheideveld at ).
Since about 5 years I am the proud owner of a Nassetti motorini, type: Sery 4stroke/50cc, 3speed, sport, anno 1955.
I`d love to contact people that own the same type of bike or people that can tell me more about the history of Nassetti itself or other types of bikes and engines made by this same manufacturer. Furthermore I am searching for 4stroke/50cc spare parts, books and stills. For people interested I can send real pictures of my Nassetti (street- and raceversion). Just send me your name and address.
Greetings from a Nassetti-lover. -- bertheideveld at

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