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Centro Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Jan Van Riebeeckweg 2 Schiedam, Netherlands

All Centro mopeds had 50cc HMW engines.

Models include:

1956 50N Standard
50N de Luxe
1957 50N Standard
50N de Luxe
1958 50N de Luxe
1959 50N de Luxe
50N TT
50N Riviera
1960 50N TT
Centro Planeet

The firm also built commercial three-wheelers including the Centro Triporteur which was a moped with two wheels and a carrier at the the rear, and the Centro Motortruck designed for factory use, with the engine mounted above the single front wheel.

Mon May 30 2011
eden2december at yahoo.co.uk
spare parts
Centro De luxe
I have a 1957 Dutch Centro in need of restoration. Where can I find spare parts? Has anyone else got one of these bikes?
manchester, England

Sun Nov 11 2007
eden2decemberat yahoo.co.uk
Dutch manufacturers
1957 Centro de-luxe
I have a 1957 Centro de-luxe. I am trying to locate a HMW 50cc engine for it. I notice Centro is not in your list of manufacturers. Tony

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