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Hulsmann Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

The company was founded in 1902 by J.D. Hulsmann Motor Works in Schiedam, Netherlands, and the production of bicycles began in 1904. Motorcycles were built between 1939 and 1955.

Hulsmann had been building their own bicycle frames since 1914, so it was natural that they would produce their own motorcycle frames - and almost everything else - in-house.

In December 1939 they presented a motorcycle with a 125cc Villiers 9D two-stroke engine which came under a tax exemption introduced in 1935 for motorcycles under 60 kilograms, a thriving market but one already well-catered to by Batavus, Eysink, Simplex and Sparta.

Then jackboots clattered down the cobblestone streets, shortages arose and the "Under Sixty" regulation was rescinded by the German invaders, replaced with another similar law. Hulsmann ceased motorcycle production for the duration but continued development whilst maintaining their bicycle line.

When the factory returned to the market in 1950 the new machines sported a modern Villiers 10D engine, and in 1951 a "luxury" model with a crash bar and a chain guard was released. In 1953 a model with a Villiers 200cc 6E engine appeared.

In 1954 a prototype was developed with a 225cc Villiers engine, Earles-style front forks and swinging arm rear suspension. It did not enter production, and in 1955 the Hulsmann factory closed.

In addition to motorcycles and bicycle frames, Hulsmann has also built frames for Berini. The well-known Berini "egg" was mounted on these frames, and the machines were marketed as the Berini M13.

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N.B. A British manufacturer by the name of Hulsman of Glamorgan in Wales built similar Villiers-powered machines in the 1950s under the HJH marque. There is no relationship.

dygservices at skynet.be
Husmann 1952 - Villiers D10 125cc engine.
Dear Sirs,
I have started the restoration of the here above mentioned Hulsmann motorbike and one important piece is missing; the front wheel brake calliper as shown on the attached photo. If someone knows where I can get one, I would appreciate to receive the information.
You will find here attached the missing photo. Do not be surprised, but by mistake the drum has been painted. I have also the possibility to replace it by a complete wheel including the braking system.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.
mickandiris60 at gmail.com
1954 200 deluxe
hi i have recently pufchased a 1954 hulsmann 200 deluxe pls could u tell me if spares r available for this model and they seem to be rare in the uk is that the case in europe many thanks
mick cousins
Ipswich uk

Suggest dropping a line to www.motorpaul.nl

Fri Apr 09 2010
hulsman 125cc 1951
je possède une moto hulsman 125cc de 1951 et je recherche une selle en caouthouc d'origine, la mienne est cassée ainsi que les que les caouthous des poignées qui sont usés.
(I have a 125cc hulsman motorcycle from 1951 and I am looking for a saddle in original caétouc, mine is broken as well as the caouthous handles that are worn.)

Dufief J.J.

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