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Designed and built by Rinus Bruynzeel and Nico Groenerdijke of the Netherlands and Bernhard Neumann from Germany shortly after WWII, the M13 has a disc-valve controlling the inlet and was well ahead of its time.

The design came by way of DKW, for whom Neumann had worked, and from Holland it made its way to the UK where it resurfaced as the Cyclemaster.

Berini engines include:

    Berini M13 25.7cc
    Berini M13 32cc (1951)
    Berini 49cc

Manufactured by Pluvier motorenfabriek, Sluisjesdijk in the 1950s, their Model 130 had an M13 32.5cc bicycle attachment engine of their own manufacture. Engines were sold to other manufacturers including Locomotief. Pluvier also made outboard engines.
A logo for the outboard engine reads "Berini Pluvier"

In 1961 a new factory was established in Emmen, but this was closed after only two years due to problems with both supply and organisation.

Production ceased in 1964 when the company became bankrupt.

In 1967 the factory contents were bought by Anker Kolen Maatschappij and the Berini marque was re-established. Anker built the engines and Gazelle constructed the chassis, and some of the original model names were retained, for instance the Berini M48. In the the 1970s Berini mopeds were fitted with both Anker and Suzuki engines.

At various times mopeds were supplied to Union, Sparta, Locomotief and Simplex - the latter two having become part of Gazelle at the end of the '60s.

Berini had a branch in Germany which marketed the Berini Pluvier in the 1960s, BERINI-VAF GmbH Düsseldorf Siegburger Strasse 3.

In 1981 the Berini brand was sold to a South Korean firm which produced Berini mopeds for local consumption for many years. The marque returned to Dutch hands in 1999 and production was moved to China where 50cc mopeds were built with names like "Bella Milano" and "Dolce Vita", along with scooters.

Sources: Cycle Memory, correspondence, nl.wikipedia.org.

uptops at gmail.com
Can anyone help me to locate for my berini m21 a Lucia handle bar switch to switch on lights dip and full beam with horn button and engine cut switch. I am also trying to find a alloy circular throttle insert to connect and pull the throttle cable or would be delighted to find a complete throttle. I would also be very grateful if anyone could advise any substatute pattern parts that would be fit for purpose many thanks in advance Gerry. Scotland
Perthshire Scotland

    Probably Lucas switch, not Lucia. Ed.

kettlem2 at gmail.com
Bernini vangazelle m48
I have just purchased this berini moped i am missing some of the control cables and am a bit confused as to whether the clutch is manual or automatic .i have not yet been able to find a source to replace these cables .
Max kettle

    Berini M48 Gazelle image posted to Comments.

tommyconway199 at gmail.com
M38 sports
Hi All
I am based in Ireland and looking to restore my uncles Berini M38 sport I am looking for a manual and possible donor bike similiar to one in pic any info greatly appreciated
Tommy Conway
  • Image posted to comments, above.

Wed, 04 Apr 2018
bertbonaire at gmail.com I am busy with the restoration of Pluvier Boatmaster outboard motor of 1952. I am in need of the tank decals. See attached picure. Can you help me with a high resolution picture of this logo? So I can make a decal at the right proportions.
bert blokhuis
sloten Netherlands

Fri Oct 30 2015
Stefan.lidbrink at gmail.com
Carburator to Berini M13
Berini M13
We have lost our carburator to a Berini M13. If you have a spare one pleas send me a message!

Thu Jun 25 2015
annmarieph at gmail.com<
parts for berini m21
berini m21
Where can i get a saddle for a berini m21

Thu Oct 16 2014
annmarieph at gmail.com<
berini 1963 m21
my dad is restoring a berini m21 where can he get tyres for it and a saddle in ireland

Fri Jan 24 2014
jesse at bikebar.com.au
Part wanted Berini M13 Hello, Could anyone help me source an original, preferably new exhaust for my Berini M13.
Thanks in advance, Jesse Geisler Australia

Wed May 02 2012
Berini M13 Cyclemotor
Berini M13
I am looking to buy a Berini M13(the Egg)complete in going condition

Tue Aug 23 2011
Berini parts
|Berini M21
I am looking to source parts to restore a 1954 BeriniM21. Can anyone help me please? Regards Sean

Tue Dec 13 2011
sdparnes1<at>gmaildot com<
Berini Pedal Cycle
Berini ?
help, i know nothing about my Berini. any info would be wonderful! 100 percent original super nice bike

Fri Feb 04 2011
piston rings
berniri morri motor
require piston rings for bmm patent n82830113.5 .bicycle engine. thank you

Thu Dec 30 2010
Moped restoration
Berini M21
I am trying to restore my 1956 Berini M21 and would like to know where I can get the rubber saddle renewed. I also need a new chain sprocket, piston and petrol filler cap. Any help would be gratefully received.
Kent UK

Thu Aug 19 2010
martin.redwing100<at>hotmaildot com<
information required
berini m20
i have a berini m20 but can find no mention of it on internet. Looks in appearance identical to an m21.does anyone have any information on this model?
co. durham GB

Fri Dec 18 2009
primeraw at eircom.net
owners handbook
berini m38 sport
can anyone help me with an owners handbook or service manual for a berini M38 sport even pdf form would suit .
many thanks

Thu Oct 22 2009
dayak at casema.nl
tankembleem F71
Berini F 71
Hi , weet U waar ik een tankembleem kan kopen voor deze berini.
groeten , Gert

Wed Jul 29 2009
fazekaszs at hotmaildot com<
user's manual
Berini M13

I look for the English or French version of user's manual for Berini M13 cycleengine possibly in electronic format. Though I have the Dutch version from the net I cannot read it.

Thanks, regards,

Sat Jul 11 2009
kochman3 at aoldot com<
bicycle motor
berini? werner? m13
the manufacturers plate on the bike motor ive had for 50 years says Werner, However ive only seen this "egg" shaped gas tank model described as a Berini.

Wed May 27 2009
dlarrissey at eircom.net
resteration project
berini m 21 1959 model
based in Ireland, looking for 2 good wheel rims and tyres, also saddle is in poor condition, bike started up easy after 31 years stored,

Mon Sep 08 2008
hans.beijner at teliadot com<
Berini Cycle motor information
Berini Later model, (silver color petroltank)
I am currently restoring the Berini cycle motor that was used by my father nearly 50 years ago. Unfortunately the bracket that is needed to attach the motor to the front wheel of the bycycle is missing and need to be manufactured. I am looking for pictures of how this bracket look like, i.e how does the bracket arrangement look from the rear?

Best Regards
Hans Beijner

Tue Apr 28 2009
davebarnesy at hotmaildot com<
Berini M21 Restoration
Berini M21
Hi There,
I have a Berini M21 and am looking for information/parts sources to restore it this summer. Please contact me with any information.


Tue Feb 05 2008
admin at attymass.ie
Berini M21 spares etc
Berini M21
I would like to find a source of spares/a manual for my 1961 Berini M21. Can anyone assist please.
Mayo Ireland

Fri Jan 18 2008
shaula at adam.com.au
workshop manuals
berini m21-basic model
i am seeking a manual or related information on the berini model m21 basic probably 1954? for an upcoming restoration

Thu Oct 04 2007
p.herchuel at skynet.be
F71 supersport

I have a Berini model F71 (I think) supersport.

This one is to restore, because last time I ride with this was in 1985.
I began the restoration in the 80's and then I drive it for approximately 1000 Km.

Now, I do not know his value, and some one give me 100 euros for this, but I refuse completely, what do you think about it?
I have no photo for the moment, I'm sorry

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

subject: berini m21
sje at talk21dot com<
message: I am in process of restoring a berini m21 in england and looking for spares mainly chromework is there any one who can help
subject: dropbears
I have attached a photo of frame,as you can see it has been sitting in a shed for a long time engine has been removed and all i can find at presant is that the rings have siezed onto piston,all chrome rusty and front forks are siezed, intend to restore as cheap as possible so will try to source parts from old bicycle shops for wheels and seat any help would be appreciated

Sun Jun 25 2006
julioperegrina at terra.es
motoc, Berini
DKW (Berini)
envio foto de moto y me gustaria saber si hay piezas, agradeceria me informasen año de fabricacion asi como precio Un saludo

Translation: I send photo of motorcycle and me gustaria to know if there are pieces, agradeceria reported me year of fabricacion asi as price

Sat Sep 17 2005
fouga220 at yahoodot com<
Berini M21
Hello from Ireland!

I am the owner of a 1962 Berini M21 autocycle and wish to know if there is any company which can supply Berini parts ? My Berini is almost complete, but I need a speedometer and a headlight to complete a restoration.

Thank You.

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
subject: berini eitje
Email: ginovanderklis at zonnet.nl
message: hoi ik ben op zoek naar een zuigerveer van een berini eitje,
booring 36 dikte 2x2 mm.
wie kan mij daar aan helpen.
groeten gino

hi I am in search of a piston feather of berini eitje, booring 36 cross-sections 2x2 mm. which can me help to groeten gino there

Sun, 13 Mar 2005
subject: Berini spareparts
Email: frank at spek.demon.nl
message: Hallo Berini fans,

I'm looking for spare part from a Berini M21.

Can you help me??

May 16, 2002
Berini Super Sport 3 Circa 1963/4
Any information on the above please
Stan Marsh -- MarshStanley.railtrack at ems.rail.co.uk

February 15, 2002
Hello Berini-Fans,
I own a Berine M13 engine which is presently mounted on a German Panther bike.
The nameplate on the engine says: Manufacturer: Werner Motorenbau at Verden/Aller. Verden/Aller is near Hanover in Germany. Does anybody know if Berini subcontracted this and other engines to other manufacturers? What is the collector's price of this engine?
Thank you very much for your reply! -- Hans WERNER -- jm-werner at web.de

January 16, 2002
You need help but for what?
Look on this Berinisite : members.tripodnet.nl/berini/ [404]
Greetings from Harmen Schaap , Holland -- dmguilenbroek at hetnet.nl

December 18, 2001
Hello there,
Something about Berini!
In fact an engine manufacturer, started in 1959, and went down in about 1964. Only moped engines, and one boat engine. A complicated story, later I will send more!
arend -- a.harrewijne at hccnet.nl

November 30, 2001
I have bought a Berini motor in 1990 and I mounted on my tandemcyckel it works very good but I don't know what year it was made. and how long day have produktione. How do I identify my Berini motor? Best regards kalle.p --  karl.petterson at post.netlink.se

July 22, 2001
Berini started production in 1950 stopped in the sixties
I am owner of 2 berini's, the first berini m21 from 1955 is ready and restored it looks brand new again. The second berini m13 (the egg) is form 1951 (still restoring, it has to fit on a bike from 1927) Difficult but I'm sure I'll fix the job.

The price of the egg in 1951 was 195 dutch guilders (without the bike of course)

The never made Berini motorcycles for the market. first a "hulpmotor" ( the egg) to fit on a bicycle later only mopeds (bromfietsen)

Only one time they made a 50cc racer in the early 60's

In the years after the war people lived here in poor conditions. So a moped was the first thing they cold pay when conditions went better. First berini production was in a factory at Parkstraat 91a in the Hague with 40 people on 180 m2 in 1951 they moved production to Rotterdam in a factory at Sluisjesdijk 109 with 80 people on 1000 m2 so thing went better.

The bike on your site is a Pluvier 130 with m13 motor made by Pluvier motorenfabriek at Sluisjesdijk. It's 32,5 cc 0,6 hp carburetor amal 308 / 1 or zenit 10 ms (encarwi is also possible)

Congratulations with it, It looks its in good condition!

I sent you some pictures before and after the restourationproject.
Vriendelijke groeten
Willem van Zeijl

July 7, 2001
I have just bought a Berini and I am interested to find out more about it to enable me to restore it. Any information that anyone can provide will be most useful. The license plate details suggest that it must have been made before 1952. Is this correct?
Regards, -- Andrew Titterton, England -- Andy at titterton1963.freeserve.co.uk

June 28, 2001
I am Dutch in Australia with 3 Berinis for sale. Can you help me?
JF CPEng, Grad Dip Proj Mngmt, MIEAust, NPER3
Phone 61403005256 -- JFCPEng at aoldot com

June 13, 2001
Dear Sir,
We're making a docu about the factory of Berini in Rotterdam. Perhaps you could give us some information about this very high technical motorbrand.
Thanks in advance
Kind regards
Coen van Vlijmen
Van Houtenstraat 27a
3039 PB Rotterdam<
info at meandertv.nl
+31 10 4665053

May 16, 2001
Here's a pic of my Berini 3, I'm looking for parts for restoration job.
D. Cronin -- Ireland -- duggansteel at eircom.ie

May 9, 2001
I have a circa. 1950 Berini moped in my garage which I have owned for 20 years. Would you like a photo I'm afraid I have no other information relating to Berini.
I would appreciate any info you have.
Matt Pierce -- matt at milestonedesign.co.uk

March 19, 2001
Here is a picture of a Berini motor that I own for your Dutch section, and a picture of a Berini on a bike. -- Zach Sagurs -- zjsagurs at ibl.bm

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