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Anker Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

1895-1906 Bielefeld sewing machine and bicycle factory AG, Bielefeld
1906-1915 Anker-Werke AG, formerly Hengstenberg & Co., Bielefeld
1950-1953 Anchor PAMAG Maschinenbau AG Paderborn, Paderborn
1915-1950 Anker-Werke AG, Bielefeld

Originally a bicycle manufacturer, from 1949-1958 the factory in Bielefeld, Germany, built motorcycles with Sachs and JLO engines of 98 to 250cc. In 1952 the Paderborner Maschinenbau AG in Paderborn took over the Anker factory. Subsequently the motorcycles were built in Paderborn and only moped production was continued in Bielefeld for a couple of years. They continued to build office machines with the ANKER brand, and finally closed the factory doors in 1976.

The Bielefeld sewing machine factory founded by Carl Schmidt & Hengstenberg built bicycles and motor bicycles since 1894 with a built-in motor of Fafnir and in 1902 brought the first motor-bike with a reinforced frame on the market. 1903 this phase of motorcycle construction ceased. In 1930 they began building 60cc and 74cc motorised bicycles powered by Fichtel & Sachs and in 1938 they introduced the Sichelgabel with a Saxonette engine in the rear wheel. This stage of production continued until 1940. In 1944 the factory was largely destroyed during an allied bombing raid.

In 1945 Anker re-entered the market with the pre-war model 660, with a 98 cc Sachs engine. In the ensuing years the project consumed the entire capital of the company, now under the name of the Paderborn subsidiary PAMAG, which produced the Anker models from 1948 until 1953. The Supervisory Board therefore decided in 1953 to sell PAMAG to Panther-Werke AG in Braunschweig.


    1902–03 Motorrad 1,75 h.p. Fafnir engine
    1930–1935 Motorfahrrad Herren/Damen two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 74 cc, 1,25 h.p.
    1934–1940 Motorfahrrad Herren/Damen two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 98 cc, 2,25 h.p.
    1938–1940 Saxonette two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 60 cc, 1,2 h.p.
    1948–1950 Type 660 (1948–50) two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 98 cc, 2,25 h.p.
    1949-1952 Type 661 123 cc single cyl., two-stroke, JLO MG 125E 5 h.p.
    1950 Pamag
    1950–1952 Type 662 two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 98 cc, 3 h.p.
    1951–1953 Type 662A two-stroke Fichtel & Sachs, 98 cc, 3 h.p.
    1951-1953 Type 665 (AS 150) 148 cc single cyl. (57 x 58 mm), two-stroke, Fichtel & Sachs SM51 6½ h.p.
    1952–1953 Type 666 (AS 175) two-stroke JLO or Sachs 174 cc.
    1953 Type AS 200 two-stroke JLO, 198 cc, 11 h.p.
    1953-55 Bobby
    1956-58 AFS 5023
    1956-58 AFS 5023 Luxus
    1956-58 AFS 5625
    1967-69 Ankermatic (UK)
    1960 Sport Moped (Panther)

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, Tragatsch, GTU Oldtimerservice, A. Vassiliadis,, Farben-Schiessl.

Wed May 03 2017
yvi.pepe at
Anker Motorrad
Anker AS200

kann mir jemand einen Tip geben was eine Anker As200 (Bj. 1953) wert sein koennte?

Can someone give me a hint what an Anker As200 (1953) could be worth?

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Tue Aug 27 2013
Anker M150
I want to have information of Anker with 147cc motor. I hava a 1953 Anker M150
Pic of the Anker
Where can i found info of this bike?
Im going to change clutch. The clutch disk is the same as sachs 50cc? In a 50cc store in Sweden is written that its fits sachs 150cc also.
Best regards Roberth

Thu Nov 12 2009
tedpiuni at gmail dot com
1953 Anker
Anker 150cc
I am working on a 1953 Anker that has electrical problems.
Would you happen to have a wiring diagram for the Anker motorcycle that you could copy & send me.

It would be greatly appreciated & I would be happy to share any information that I have discovered.

Ted Piuni
Hamilton, Ontario,
Canada No freely downloadable ones listed as yet, but some resources at least for vintage German motorcycles here: Books and Manuals

Mon Nov 24 2008
geliramirezxc at hotmail dot com
Looking for Ankers Pictures
Pictures Anker JLO
Hi I'm Marco from Ecuador I have a Anker motorcycle but I'm missing the fork (the from part) I will like to see more pictures from those bikes to have an idea of how to fixed....thanks
Ecuador South aAmeric

Sun Aug 31 2008
grantjobb at hotmail dot com
Anker 147cc
My daily driver here in Canada. It is put up when the snow flies, but enjoyed during the summer. The U.S. and Canadian DMV had no record of an Anker ever listed on the road. They had to create a new manufacturers catagory in order to list the bike. It gets alot of attention where ever it goes. I enjoy the naked frame asthetic of it, the simplicity, and uniqueness of this old bike. If there is anyone out there who has another, or has information on these bikes, please contact me.

Tue Aug 22 2006
joebmallon at aol dot com
Anchor 1953
Ilo engine
200cc two stroke engine
extraordinary condition. Everything original except handlebars and footrest

Cannot find any other internet information... Have handbook
Alas images at home... posted at behest of friend I am visiting in Miami due to my not being Internet savy myself and he volunteered to seek information on-line (usually fruitless when done in the past by others trying to help gather more information) about my Anchor. Basically I consider myself only a discoverer and temporary curator of an engineering marvel which, due to its amazing working condition and beauty as a sculptural object, ought to be in a museum. Disposition of same is in an exploratory stage forme but sale to an institution or curatorial collection would prompt me to sell, yes.

I discovered the machine many years ago in a farm shed in my homeland, Germany. Cleaning and removing dirt and lubricating it. Then after two days trying to start it... it did so on first attempt. I have kept it these many years, bringing it to the U.S. and now it is stored in the dry air of Arizona.

Thu Jun 01 2006
filip.bohyn at
Anker 1952

I'm Filip from Belgium and I'm restoring a Anker Motorcycle from 1952. She has a Sachs 98cc engine. I'm searching hard for information, drawings, engine & electrical diagrams. Can you please help me. Let me know. Thank you. Greetz
Belgium, Brugge

Sat Jan 28 2006
mikedal2000 at yahoo dot com
Anker Motorcycles
I currently have a 1958 Anker 175cc with a sach engine I am looking for any info on this machine and what it would be worth any info would be greatly appreaciated

Try this page for valuations. Ed.

Fri Dec 16 2005
oneeyedfranc at hotmail dot com
1953 Anker 197cc
Any info u can give me would be greatly appreciated...

March 20, 2002
Anker 125cc
Hello! Das war meine erste "Maschine" in 1954.(gebraucht gekauft) Das Bild hab ich 1955 auf dem Arlberg Pass / Oestereich, gemacht.H.J.Kauth -- Helmut Kauth -- hkauth at

Sheldon's Lame Translation: Hello! That was my first "machine" in 1954. (gebraucht gekauft) The picture has a 1955 on the Arlberg pass, Oestereich, gemacht.H.J.Kauth

June 10, 2001
I've got an old Anker build in 1952, Black with some white straips. If you are interested I may send you some photos! Sebastian Pohlmann - Germany -- pohlmann.s at

July 1, 2000
I have a friend that has a vintage Anker motorcycle for sale. I can get the specifics but I do not have them handy. The bike runs. It is all original except the handlebars and foot pegs. He even has a copy of the manual and the poster size advertisement. How common are these bikes? Are there many in the states? -- Kalpin -- jekalpin at mindspring dot com

I am writing to tell you that my grandfather had a Anker cc98. That was from before 1940, probably from around 1936. Could this be?

If you have a picture of a Anker from this epoch I would be very glad if you could send it to me.

Solveig Johnsen solveig.johnsen at

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