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Manufactured by Anker Motoren Maatschappij.

Having purchased Berini, in 1967 Anker Motoren entered an agreement with Gazelle of Dieren. Gazelle was to produce the mopeds, whilst Anker would continue to manufacture the engines. Gazelle then sold Ankermatic models rebadged as Berini, whilst continuing with the established Gazelle name.

"Holland's largest and most important single producer of moped engines and mopeds, N V Anker Motoren Maatschappij of Rotterdam, is to market the Anker Automatic moped in Britain. Appointed to handle sales and distribution in the UK is a completely new company, Nedermotive Agencies, formed and controlled by former NSU moped sales manager David Startup.

To be marketed in the UK as the Ankermatic moped, the Dutch-made machine will sell at £59 9s 8d tax paid. Initially, supplies will only be available to dealers in the South and East"

"An internationally-known company with interests not only in mopeds, but in shipping, coal, bricks, oil and electrical products, Anker entered the moped industry only two years ago when it purchased the failing Berini moped business. Headed by F. M. J. Lutvink, former executive with the giant Philips Electrical company Anker has in the space of two years re-establshed the Berini moped as Holland's top-selling machine with 30 per cent of the market."

Motor Cycle and Cycle Trader, 12 May 1967

N.B. Anker of the Netherlands appears to have no relationship to Anker of Germany.

Source: icenicam.org.uk

December 9, 2002
Anker-Laura M48 01, Technical Data
Hello, I´m searching for technical Data: Engine "Anker-Laura M48 01" with Encarwi Carburator (about 8 mm) in an "PRIVILEG 40 DE LUXE" Moped. made 1970 (Sold by QUELLE Germany), Built by G.J.L.S Rheden, Netherlands. Papers are lost. Is there anyone who could help me with copies or information? Thanks a lot. -- Martin Kuhn, Germany -- kuhn at meier-consult.de

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