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Loeff Velocivapore

Loeff 1870 Velocivapore

B.H. Heldt in 80 jaar Nederlandse Automobielindustrie states the following:

Johan Loeff appears to have built a steam tricycle in 's-Hertogenbosch in the second half of the twentieth century. The only source of this comes from a letter from Mr. W.G. Nouhuijs, man of letters in The Hague, who appeared in an issue of 'De Kampioen' in 1899. wrote: "I have seen several times in 'De Kampioen' Mr P. van Rijn is mentioned as the manufacturer of the first 'car' in the Netherlands. I would like to tell you that as a boy of about 15 years old, so around 1870, I rode in 's-Hertogenbosch on a car that, as far as I can remember, was modeled after a three-wheeler and was made following the instructions of Mr Johan Loeff. As with the Noviomagum, the steam engine was paramount.

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