Cymota Cyclemotors

Cymota was a motorcycle produced from 1950 to 1951 at Erdington, Birmingham and sold by Blue Star Garages in London.

The machine only lasted for two seasons and was an unsophisticated 45cc cycle-motor clip-on attachment that sat above the front wheel, driving it by friction. The motor was enclosed in a stylish cowling that carried the headlight.

The engine was copy of the 45cc VeloSoleX 650 with a 1.7 litre fuel tank is mounted above the engine, a Miller magneto and a 12mm Amal carburettor. Some 200 were produced.

"The press release advised the Cymota as being built by Clifford Motor Components Ltd and subsidiary companies, with Blue Star Garages Ltd, High Street, Hampstead, London NW3, listed as sole distributors for Great Britain." writes Mark Daniels in icenicam. The article details the murky history and some of the apparent skulduggery of the man behind the machine, David Gottlieb, who later was responsible for the Allard Clipper and the Coronet, both three-wheelers.

Sources: Graces Guide,, icenicam.

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