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WSK M150 Motorcycles

The Transport Equipment Factory in Świdnik produced in 1960 a number of motorcycles with engines displacing 150 cc. These motorcycles, marked as WSK M l50, were created by mounting the S06 engine - produced by the Warsaw Motorcycle Factory - in the WSK M06-Z chassis.

Engine - Type S06, with spark ignition. Data as for the SHL M06-U.

Electrical installation - as for the SHL M06-U.

Drive system - as for the SHL M06-U, with the following change: Power transmission to the rear wheel with a single-row roller chain. Gear ratio 2.93 (41/14).

Suspension system - Data as on SHL M06-U motorcycle, with the following changes: Front wheel suspension on telescopic fork, with oil damping. Coil springs with progressive action. Front wheel travel 160 mm. Rear wheel suspension on trailing arm, with two spring elements, with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers.

Braking and Steering System - Brakes independently actuated mechanically. Full hub brake drums, cast light alloy, 132 mm diameter. Steel tubular handlebars attached to the top of the fork with two brackets. Clutch and handbrake levers pressed from sheet steel. Body - Deep pressed steel mudguards. The front mudguard is attached to the movable part of the fork. Fuel tank welded from sheet steel stampings. Two-level bench seat, with a handle for the passenger in the form of a strap. Two flat tool boxes with a battery compartment between them. Tin covers between toolboxes and saddle. Riders's footrests with rubber covers. Folding passenger footrests with rubber covers. Central base welded from rectangular steel tubing. Partial drive chain cover, attached to the swingarm. Low exhaust system, located on the right side of the motorcycle.

Dimensions - Wheelbase 1290 mm. Total length 2060 mm, width 650 mm, height 1010 mm. Seat height 780 mm.

Weight - motorcycle 119 kg. Permissible load 150 kg. Max total weight 280 kg.

Capacities - Fuel tank 13.5 litres, gearbox 0.7 litre.

Performance - Top speed 80 km/h.
Fuel consumption 3.0-3.3 litre /100 km. Minimum turning circle: right 3.40 mm, left 3.36 mm. Tyre pressure: front U.08 MPa (0.8 kG/cm2), rear 0.12-0.15 MPa (1.2-1.5 kG/cm2).

Source: Polish History Archive