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A Brief History of the Marque

From 1954 until 1980 WSK / PZL was a manufacturer of motorcycles branded as the WSK. Some 2,000,000 motorcycles of the WSK M06 125 ccm and WSK M21 175 ccm families were made in that period.

Developed, like so many others of the period, from the DKW RT125, it was sold in many of the Soviet dominated countries and at times in the West. They also supplied many of the components for Barron Motorcycles of Essex.

    Another Polish motorcycle factory was the WSK (Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego, which translates as "Communications Equipment Factory", communications also includes transport in Polish), closed in the 1985 after the early strikes against the Communist regime. The worker's strike at the WSK factory was the first in Poland, before the Gdansk strike, reported by the magazines of all the world. This factory produced essentially small-displacement bikes, 125 and 175 cc, with a classic two-strokes layout.

    The WSK "175 Kobuz", years '80s model; the early versions of this bike were realized during the '60s. The "M-16" off-road model of the '70s. After the end of motorcycle production, WSK built helicopters.

    Source: autosoviet.altervista.org

    Manufactured by Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego (WSK) in Swidnik, in 1957 the factory was renamed to PZL-Swidnik (a Polish aerospace factory specializing in helicopters).

    The first WSK motorcycles were assembled in September 1954. Mass production in Swidnik started in 1955, and later in the same year in Warsaw. Both motorcycles, WSK and WFM, were powered by the same S-01 engine. By 1957 all modernizations and changes were done simultaneously, and the only real difference between both machines was the logo. In 1958 Swidnik engineers suggested first individual changes. The prototype of WSK M06-Z was presented with improved front suspension and better brakes, frame welded from closed rectangular sections (not C-shaped), deeper mudguards and more comfortable seat. Introducing all changes at once was expensive, that's why in February 1959 two models appeared: more expensive M06-Z (the most luxury version with chrome rims was priced at 10600 zloty) and cheaper M06-L (7000 zloty) with modernized frame, seat and engine; the old S-01 engine succeeded by the S-017 with a power output of 6 HP.

    The following WSK model was the M06-Z-150 with a 148cc engine, and in 1964 the WSK M06-64 was introduced, which was superior to products of Warsaw factory. WSK production continued until October 1985, when the factory was closed. The overall production of WSK motorycles was about 2 million units, with over three- quarters of those being 125cc machines.

    Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

Wed Jun 29 2016
nathan.robertson2 at ntlworld.com

WSK Swidnik M06 - Z
Hi I am looking for information on my bike. It's a 1949 WSK Swidnik. I was also wondering if somebody could authenticate the machine for registration in the UK. Maybe this could be done by email using photos of the bike and it's VIN / Frame numbers
Kettering, Northamptonshire

WSK-1959-Swidnik in the WSK Gallery

Fri Jun 03 2016
polishmotorcycle at gmail.com
Polish motorcycles and scooters in UK
Barron WSK WFM OSA SHL Juank 125
I am looking for pics and info about Polish motorcycles in UK. Where did you find thud great pic where are Junak and WSK ?
Thank you in advance for help
Kind regards
Marcin Dambek

Wed May 04 2016
simmons.christopher84 at gmail.com<
WSK 175 m21
i have a WSK has the muffler that sits up way high, anyways i was wondering what the value might be on it or any WSK for that matter. thanks
united states, colorado

I want to show You once of my polish old bikes - It's WSK 175ccm 1975 year, 4gear . battery and installation - 6v original, everyone changing it on 12v for pleasure and economy. This model in Poland have name "garbuska" like "herbiee".
original at 99%


Sat Sep 11 2010
hhornet at op.pl
hello one more Time
WSK 125 and 175 (and "birds" series)
Hello, I'm sorry i didn't see JUNAK on Your page :( But WSK (Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego) are not an the list. It's most popular cheap and indestructible safe bike. I have one WSK 175 from 1975 too. I will send Your her photos if You wan't :) 1955-1985 production full name WSK (Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego) More information search wikipedia, see You later :)

WSK Model 71 and WSK M06 are displayed in the gallery.

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