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The split-single engine, designed by Italian engineer Giovani Marcellino in 1923, was used in most Puch two-stroke machines built after the first war. Marcellino's design had asymmetric port timing and two pistons one behind the other, for better cylinder filling and a longer power stroke.

...the M125, introduced at the Cologne Show in 1966. A stylish sports roadster, the M125 was powered by a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, boasting a distinctive 'sunburst' head, that produced 11bhp in standard trim. This engine would prove exceptionally robust, a standard unit powering a Puch to victory in the 125cc class and 2nd place overall in the 1967 ISDT.

Puch M125 1966-1971

The Puch M125 was introduced in 1966 and sold from 1967 to 1971. The M125 Deluxe was added to the range in 1969.
It was rebadged by Sears and sold in the US as the Allstate S125.
There were three types, A, B and C, the latter with indicators.
The engine was used in early Dalesman machines.

Puch DS50 3-Speed Scooter

This model of Puch was also sold in the USA, where it was re-branded a Sears Allstate Compact. They switched to a Sears badge in 1967. Puch mopeds, scooters and motorcycles were marketed as such in the USA from 1954 until 1969.

Puch Maxi Moped

The Maxi-S was imported to Canada by Bombardier (Can-Am) and rebadged, according to canned-ham.com.

Puch 50 models

Puch M50
Puch M50SE yellow
Puch M50SE red
Puch M50 Cross
Puch M50 S
Puch M50 Racing
Puch M50 SG
Puch M50 Grand Prix

Later models based on the M50 engine include:
VS, DS, VZ, MV, MC, X50

Puch M50 S, M50 Sport

Year: 1973-1974
Colour: Red, Yellow or Green (poss other colours for different markets)
Final Drive: Chain
Starting: Pedal
Power: 2.6 HP / 5000rpm
Bore Stroke: 38 mm x 43mm
Displacement: 48.8cc
Premix ratio: 1:25
Transmission: 4 speed
Carburetor: Bing 1/17
Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres
Empty weight: 83 kg
Tyres: 2.75 x 17 front and rear

Puch Motoesa Mini Maxi

A folding 50cc minibike made in Portugal by EFS Motoesa (Veículos e Motores Motoesa, Lda., Borralha, Águeda). One bold adverisement of the day which reads "Motor Puch 500 c.c. Automatico" was perhaps a tad optimistic.

Puch Harlette

Puch 250 TFS 1951

Puch 250 S4 1938-1950

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