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Alfer Motorcycles

Founded by Francesc Almirall and Ramón Ferrnández in Barcelona, 1980, production began in 1982 with 125 and 250cc enduro machines, followed later the same year with the first of their motocrossers. The machines were designed for serious competition and over the following 30 years constantly evolved. Alfer enduro machines won Spanish national competitions in both the 80cc and 125cc classes.

Models include the VR 250 Enduro and the VR 250 Super Motard. Both have Ohlins rear suspension units, Marzzochi forks, Brembo brakes and other quality components.

They also built a trials machine, the TX 300 Trial, in 1992. There were many other models.

The firm ceased production in 2011 and the company was acquired by Motorepublic who build electric motorcycles.

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Sat, 20 Jan 2018
travtorana at
Alfer VR250 2001

Hi I recently brought an alfer ve 250 2001 but having trouble finding anything about the bikes and engines what so ever would you know of someone who could point me in the right to get some info on this bike..
South Australia Australia

Sat Jan 18 2014 sales <at>
alfer vr250 1998
how it should have been built....12 months worth of nut and bolt total rebuild....finally got there, stunning. wales

Thu Aug 11 2011
g.metcalf<at>bigpond dot com
bleeding clutch
alfer vr 250
hi,i have had to replace the clutch hose and am now having trouble bleeding as there is no signs of nipple or any such on external of bike. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Adelaide, Australia

Fri Sep 18 2009
info at at
Alfer Vr 250
I am trying to purchase piston and rings for Alfer Vr 250. Is there somewhere in Australia that help me with these parts, are they comparable to any other make??? any info greatly appreciated.

Sat Jun 06 2009
railrev59 at at
Website needed please
Alfer VR250
Hi, can you tell me please does Alfer have a website? is an aluminium company. alfermotorcycles (and variations) does not exist. Thank you. Steve.
New Zealand

Sun Nov 12 2006
scottierocket at at ntlworld dot com
alfer vr 250
Hi, does alfa have its own website, im struggling getting insurance as no one seems to know who they are, does anyone know who will insure them in the uk?

Sat Nov 18 2006
alfer kick start
alfer vr 250 2002
Is there an alternative kick start available that is a bit longer, mines about 7" and i struggle with it

Fri Aug 25 2006
mor97894 at at
alfer plastics
2001 vr250
Hey Guys,
Just wondering what bikes all the plastics originally belong to.
I've been told that the radiator shrouds are off a cr250, the rear guard of a kx125 and the front of a yz. Is this true?

Adelaide, South Australia

Wed Jul 19 2006
alewis at at intergen dot com
ALFER VR250 2001
VR250 2001
Hello my name is Adam, I am looking at a Alfer at the momment would like to know if there is parts out there for this model bike and were do I LOOK too get them . The bike has just had cast sleave in the barol with new piston and rings. And where could I find a work shop manual from this bike.
Thanking You Adam from Australia.

Thu May 25 2006
benbridge1 at at
Alfer VR 250 2000 model
Hi, When I pull in the clutch, it sounds a little noisy. Is this normal? and how much oil do I put in the bike, as there is no ml on the engine anywhere?
If I decided to wreck this bike, how would I go about it and what sites should I go on to?
Thank you
Victoria, Australia

Tue May 09 2006
nicolau.barros at at gmail dot com
Res: ALFER 250 VR

i think I know the year of the bike mentioned by Johan from Sweden. I had on here in Brazil. It's a 96 and the colour of it was like in the attachment photo.
I know I have a picture of it. I'll see if I find and then post it here. In the meanwhile here goes a picture of the actual one. If anyone has an electronic copy of the carburator manual I would appreciate if it could be sent to me. It's a Mikuni TM38.

Thu Mar 16 2006
marake.krumbach at at
Alfer VR 2000 Supermotard
I´m interested on the Alfer VR 2000 Supermotard and I need the facts highest speed, power capacity and the maximum torque at crank. Please tell me this things as soon as possible. Many thanks Ralph Marake
Krumbach near Vienna

Mon Mar 13 2006 (060313)
javibilbao8 at at hotmail dot com
some ALFER pictures
The ANVIAN machines are before in time. After these types are reconverted in ARM. Participated in spain enduro championship.Engines are TAU.

(ARM images in classics-a gallery 0712)

some ALFER pictures
Hello.I have some recolected photos of ALFER for show here. I think is poor know Spain incluided. In his first year of production these machines are MOTO VILLA based.

Sun Jan 29 2006
c.watkins73 at at ntlworld dot com
alfer vr250
hi my name is craig and i have an alfer vr250 1996 i think the magneto is gone and cant find a scrap alfer do you know any other bike with the same engin thanks craig.

June 22, 2000
I think it still makes motocross and enduro bikes. It is related to the disappeared Anvian.
Juan Carlos Castillo -- jccastillo at

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