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AMS Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque Made in Spain 1954-1965

Angel Muniz Serrano built AMS motorcycles in Malaga using Hispano-Villiers two-stroke 125cc and 197cc singles, and later a 249cc twin.

His career in began in 1939, and his motorcycle business was associated with Sanglas, Triumph and Montesa before striking out on his own venture. The first 125 motorcycles appeared, followed in 1956 by 197cc versions. By 1957 the motorcycle industry was in crisis and sales were slow. In 1958 the Brisa scooter was developed but did not gain government approval.

1959 saw the 250cc twin's arrival, equipped with Earles forks, and that same year the first of their 50cc mopeds were presented along with a motocarro. Sales were dismal in the depressed market and the last of his motorcycles were built around 1965. He began building go-karts and continued with these until 1973. He also prepared rally cars.

Prior to building motorcycles Serrano also developed a "gasifier" which used coal gas to power engines.

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There may also have been an AMS automobile made in Yugoslavia in the 1950s

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