Stanger Motorcycles for 1923


Detail Improvements in the 1923 Stanger. Bigger Tyres and Better Brakes.

UNIQUE in being the only two-stroke machine which has a V-twin engine, giving the same torque impulse sequence as a four-cylinder four-stroke.

The 558 c.c. Stanger is a thoroughly practical machine, with a very satisfactory spring frame, as we have proved from personal experience. Its makers, moreover, are so confident of the 1923 model that they are guaranteeing it against mechanical defects for twelve months.

So as to avoid tyre troubles and to render the machine more comfortable, new wheels with flat base rims to take 26x3in. tyres have been incorporated in the next season's pattern, while the braking system has also been considerably improved, firstly by the fitting of a Bowden belt rim brake to the front wheel, and secondly by fixing the rear brake pedal on the right-hand side, independently of the footrests.

Adequate Ground Clearance.

Overseas users will be interested to know that one inch greater ground clearance has been provided in the new model. Both mudguards are of ample dimensions and are 5 1/2in. across. Greater flexibility has been obtained by the fitting of a two-jet Binks carburetter, and all-chain drive is a feature, flexible transmission being obtained by the use of the Brampton spring-link chain.

Stanger motor cycles are made by The Stanger Engine Co. 15, Steele Road, Tottenham, London, N.17.

The Motor Cycle December 7th 1922

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