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Trump Models for 1923


Trump 1923 488cc Single

488 c.c. Trump; a powerful solo single


Trump Models with Single and Twin-cylinder Engines.

PRODUCED at a comparatively small factory. Trump motor cycles owe their success mainly to two reasons : firstly, that the said small factory is within easy reach of Brooklands track, and secondly that their designers are practical riders whose successes on road and track date from the founding of the B.M.C.R.C. and even before that period.

One of the most attractive of the 1923 Trump machines is the 346 c.o. model, fitted with a 70x90 mm. sports J. A. P. engine. Its lines are symmetrical, and it has a most pleasing appearance, and . though it departs little from aoeepted principles it embodies several excellent features.

In company with many other makes, the question of silence has received very careful attention. Placed as close to the exit of the exhaust gases from the cylinder as possible is an oval expansion chamber possessing an area more than four times the capacity of the cylinder, while the tail pipe is carried rearward to a point beyond the level of the rear wheel spindle.

Pannier Tanks.

Mention should also be made of the tank design, which is unconventional. A flat sheet of steel is bent over the top tube and bolted beneath the secondary frame tube, while each half of the tank is attached by rivets and soldering to ea-oh side. The oil tank is a separate unit built into the offside tank compartment, so there is no danger of leakage. The result of this design is that the two tanks sit astride the two upper frame tubes are immensely strong, have no internal soldered joints, and are free from leaks. Each tank is connected to a common pipe with the usual taps, allowing either or both tanks to be used. Two gallons of petrol and three-quarters of a gallon of oil are carried. In this model a Webb front brake is fitted, while the rear brake is of the shoe type acting on a dummy belt rim.

Closely resembling the 546 c.c. machine is the J.A.P.-engined 488 c.c. model, 85.5 X 85 mm. Both have the close ratio Sturmey-Archer gear boxes incorporating a transmission shock absorber, but the larger machine has not onlv the Webb front brake but the Chater Lea back hub, which incorporates an internal expanding brake, and both hubs possess knock-out spindles.

Both machines have Lycetts racing saddles, of which the peak as well as the rear portion is sprung.

In addition to these models, Trump Motors, Ltd., Foxlake Works, Byfleet, Surrey, produce a fast twin-cylinder, which may be had either with the 770 c.c. J.A.P. engine (76 x 85 mm.) or the 976 c.c. (85.5x85 mm.) super-sports J.A.P. engine; the latter has a guaranteed speed of 80 m.p.h. This machine is also suitable for pulling a sidecar.

Finally, the 996 c.c. Anzani-engined racing model must be mentioned. The engine is of the most efficient design, having overhead valves (four per cylinder), and a bore and stroke of 83x92 mm. It was on one of these machines that Col. R. Stewart broke the Class E two hours record on June 14th this year.

Trump prices for next year are: - 346 c.c. sports model, £70 ; 488 c.c. model, £95; 770 c.c. twin-cylinder model, £120; and the 996 c.c. Anzani-engined racer, £135.

The MotorCycle DECEMBER 7th, 1922.