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Gwenda Stewart (Janson) Trump-JAP Record

Gwenda Janson and the 249 c.c. Trump-Jap

Before commencing her successful attempt on the double-twelve hour record. Mrs. Janson and the 249 c.c. Trump-Jap on which she rode 1,071 miles, 1,180 yds. in 24 hours at an average speed of 44.65 m.p.h. Lt.-Col. R. N. Stewart is in the background.


Mrs. Janson's 24 hour ride on a Trump Jap.

ON Wednesday and Thursday of last week Mrs. G. M. Janson, riding a 249 c.c. Trump-Jap, gained the distinction of being the first rider to make a "double-twelve hour" record in this country.

The "double-twelve" method of covering a twenty-four hour ride permits the driver to rest for twelve hours between two twelve hour stretches on the track; the machine is locked up during the resting period.

Mrs. Janson covered 43 miles 677 yards in the first hour and thereafter lapped Brooklands at over 40 m.p.h.; the three best laps being done consecutively at 46.45 m.p.h. At the end of the first twelve hours 515 miles 1,123 yards had been covered at 42.97 m.p.h.

On the next day the hourly speed never fell below 44.12 m.p.h.; and two hours' riding were done at 46.37 m.p.h., and the grand total mileage was brought up to 1.071 miles 1,180 yards at a speed of 44.65 m.p.h., this constituting the first British "double-twelve" record.

In addition to the above record Mrs. Janson also made world's records in Class A (250 c.c.) as under:

  • 11 hours 506 miles 695 yards (46.03 m.p.h.).
    12 hours 556 miles 57 yards (46.33 m.p.h.).

No trouble was experienced throughout the run except for oil on the magneto contact breaker. On the whole the weather was good, as there was sunshine without the temperature being too warm, and there was little wind. It was a remarkable performance, and Mrs. Janson showed wonderful pluck throughout. Her mount was equipped with an M.L. magneto, Hutchinson tyres, a Lodge plug, a Sturmey-Archer gear box, and Renold's chains. Castrol oil and Pratt's motor spirit were used.

The Motor Cycle, July 27th 1922

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