Triumph Werke Nürnberg Modell KK 1923-1926

Production Years: 1923 - 1926
Weight: 70 kg
Maximum Speed: 75 km/h
Engine: Two-stroke
Cylinders: 1
Capacity: 298 cc
Bore x Stroke 72 mm x 72 mm
Power: 4-speed PS
Control: Deflector Piston
Gears: 2
Suspension Front Pendulum fork
Suspension Rear Rigid
Tyres: 26 x 2 ¼

Custom lighting: Large carbide lantern or pilot light system. Speed: up to 70 km per hour. Consumption: Approx. 3 liters of mixture for a 100 km journey.

Franz Krupkat "The Prussian Master Franz Krupkat with his pacer on Triumph-Knirps KK. "

Tots KK

Engine / gear

Triumph Tot with belt drive and with kick starter (hence "KK") and a long manual gear lever.

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