Today in Motorcycle History

Taylor Gue Motorycles

Manufactured at Hampton Works, Peel Street, Winson Green, Birmingham

During the nineteenth century John Gutgemann arrived from Germany and under the name John Taylor formed a partnership with William Henry Gue, as Taylor, Gue.

1900 Taylor, Gue and Company, Limited, was wound up voluntarily, by decision of the members at an extraordinary general meeting. S H Prosser was chairman

1900 The company of Taylor, Gue Ltd was registered to adopt an agreement with Thomas M. Attlee; the company would carry on business as makers and dealers in cycles and cycle parts; subscribers were John Taylor of 3 Twyning Rd, Birmingham, Frederick Gue of Wednesbury, Laura M. Tolley of Birmingham, William Gue of Birmingham, Mrs Mary Gue of Peel St., George A. Baker of Aston and Charles Dust of Sparkbrook

1900 Exhibited a 4 horse-power motor of the horizontal type at the 1900 Stanley Cycle Show

Made frames for Ormonde Motor Co

1904 Took over the Ormonde business late in 1904, which enabled them to produce their own machine the following year, the Veloce. Offices at 52 Wells Street West, London.

1905 Advertise the "Veloce" at 25 Guineas, and "A few 1994 Ormodes 3 h.p. at Reduced Prices". The Veloce had a 2hp engine and belt drive, but it was not a success and was discontinued. The company became Veloce Ltd.

1905 The Speedwell Gear Case Co petitioned for the winding-up of the Company

1907 A first and final dividend was paid by the liquidator's office

1910 John Taylor was chairman when the company was voluntarily wound up.

Source: Graces Guide