Ormonde Motorcycles

Ormonde Motor Co produced motorcycles from 1900 to 1904.

  • 1900 The machine was a primitive fitted with a Belgian Kelecom or Antoine engine that was tucked into the space between the seat tube and the rear mudguard. The result was a reduction in the belt centres and enhanced belt-slip. The spark-plug was placed very close to the rider's thigh.

    1903 Engines of 2¼hp or 2¾hp were offered, along with solos, tandems and a forecar.

    1904 The engine position was moved to be more conventional, upright and central within the main frame loop, for the 3hp or 3½hp Kelecom engine. They also introduced a belt drive fitted with cross pins to engage with grooved cut in the engine pulley. Tandems, forecars and trailers were all listed along with the solos. Some had fan-cooled engines. Kelecom and Ormonde merged, but failed before the end of the year.

    Note: The assets were bought by Taylor Gue, who had been making their frames. A year Taylor Gue built their own machine and in time that became the Velocette.

Sources: Graces Guide

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