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Ogston Motor Co

Ogston 1919 Deemster

Stand No. 93.
Engine, 10 h.p. four-cylinder monobloc; bore and stroke, 62 mm. by 90mm.; carburetter, Claudel-Hobson; magneto, h-t; cooling, thermosyphon; gears, three forward and reverse; clutch, cone type fabric-faced ; transmission, shaft; final drive, bevel; size of tyres. 710 mm. by 85 mm.; wheelbase. 7 ft. 7 ins.; brakes, internal and external...

Ogston Motor Co of Victoria Road, Acton was operated by J. N. Ogston and H. C. Scofield.

Best known for their Deemster motor cars, in 1914 they took over the manufacture of Wilkinson's solo and sidecar motorcycle.

This was an advanced machine with an 848cc, in-line, four cylinder engine, three-speed gearbox, shaft drive, rear bevel-box and bucket seat. They were very expensive.

1913-1917 Produced the Deemster automobile. In 1918 the company entered liquidation.

1920 The Ogston Motor Co (1918) announced its postal address as Victoria Road and that goods should go to Southfield Road

1923 Deemster light cars were still advertised.

1924 February. By order of the receiver, the Sale of the premises 'The Deemster Works, Victoria Road, and leasehold premises at Southfield Road, Acton, and the plant and machinery.

A letter in Motor Sport from December 1964 says in part:

"The article refers to Mr. J. N. Ogston, designer and joint managing director of the Ogston Motor Company; this name seemed to have some significance to me as I recall a 4-cylinder motor-bicycle called the Ogston Four in the pre-World War One days. Reading on, I see Mr. Ogston and Mr. Scofield, his partner, took over part of the Wilkinson Sword Co.’s factory in Southfield Road, Acton, to manufacture the Deemster car, in 1919. This fact is very interesting; the Wilkinson Sword Co. produced 4-cylinder motorcycles in the 1910/12 period and I was once told that they were originally called Ogston Fours. Is it therefore possible the designer of the Wilkinson, or T.A.C., motorcycle was in fact the Mr. Ogston of Deemster fame ?"

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