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Galleries of photos and images! from then and now. plus technical info

During the 1950's the Piatti Scooter recieved it's share of publicity, and promotional material was abundant.
These days however, it is a little more difficult to get hold of. Thanks to the www and many collectors scattered over the globe, it has been possible to put this gallery together.

More recently there have been articles featuring the Piatti, but for copyright reasons these images are not available on this website.
check these magazines:
Scootering International Magazine: all articles have a short history plus photos.

  • Edition 42. April 1989 (very low mileage example in U.K)

  • Edition 80. May 1992 (Vittorio Teessera's Piatti in Italy)

  • Edition 116. Jun 1995 (Mike Dan's Piatti in U.K)

  • Edition 150. July 1998 (The Piatti's Belgian cousin)

    Motociclismo D'Epoca: All text is in Italian

  • Issue 6/1995 ("Assoluamente Unico" or "Absolutely Unique")

  • This is a very interesting article including many photos and an interview with the designer, Vincenzo Piatti.

  • Scooter Magazine: All text is in Italian.
  • Issue 1 1991. (General article featuring photos of Vittorio Tessera's Piatti)

Plus the Piatti Features in some books!:

  • Motor Scooters Family Album ~ Andrea and David Sparrow. Veloce Pub.

  • Tous les scooters du monde (all the scooters of the world) ~ Jean Boyard and Dominique Pascale.

  • British Motorcycles of the 40's and 50's ~ Roy Bacon, Osprey Pub.