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The Martin Comerford (1938)

(From 1938 Martin Catalogue)

The Comerford Machine (although not popular in this country) we took over in 1935, and improved same considerably. The rear section modified, being more flexible, and the large section AVON Tyre, can now be fitted. Countershaft is similar to the Rudge, having the Heavy Duty Clutch, and is adjustable, Tubular lifting Handle and Centre stand are now fitted.

Another improvement is the chromium plated tin lined fuel tank and separate oil tank. These machines have proved popular in America on the small tracks. Cordy Milne won the American Championship in 1934 and again in 1935 and is doing remarkably well in Australia, having broken several track records on a similar machine. You have seen the Americans here on these machines, and know Jack Milne was World Champion in 1937.

THE SPECIFICATION is similar to the "Rudge" except for the frame and forks, which are the Comerford Special.

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Valve Timing.- Exhaust opens 65deg or 23.5mm., closes 34deg or 10 mm. Inlet opens 44deg or 17 mm., closes 62deg or 21mm.
Magneto Timing.-Full Advance, high compression 35deg. The ignition timing is very critical.
Jet Sizes - Special Fuel 750 to 850.
Plugs.-Lodge B.R.49 and 51.
Oil Pump: Up to 1934 set about 1.25 turns, best found by trial.
For engines 1935 onwards, full on for B E feed.
Gear Ratio: About 8.6 std. 8 to 9 to one.
Air Filter: Special triple gauze intake now fitted as standard.
Peak.-6,000 giving 40-42 B.H.P.
Valve Oiler: Should be filled every race. 1931 or 1932 engines.
Fuel.-Should be turned off when pushing machine about.
Twist Grip.- Our special grip is now fitted as standard, being a quick action type which cannot lock, in any position, and is free to close when released.
Rotary Valve Timing,-Open just before top dead centre and close just after bottom dead centre. For engines up to 1934.

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