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Comerfords Motorcycles

Comerford motorcycles were produced from 1930 to 1939 and marketed by Comerfords of Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, who were dealers of some standing.

1930 During that year, a speedway machine appeared with a new frame designed by George Wallis and a new JAP speedway engine. The resulting debut was spectacular and success was so great that around 300 machines were built and sold, and known as the Comerford Wallis.

1933 The design was revised to lengthen the wheelbase, steepen the fork angle, allow the rear frame to flex and place the engine, countershaft and rear wheel in line when viewed from the side.

The machine went on to become the Comerford Special, then the Martin-Comerford or Martin-Rudge. The latter was fitted with a JAP engine and the name reflected the Rudge speedway form of the frame.

Post-war, they built the Comerford Cub, a trials machine with a Triumph Cub engine.

Source: Graces Guide

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