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"AMERICAN EAGLE" Overhead Cam 750

The EAGLE 750 is a completely modern motorcycle, featuring a 60 horsepower overhead cam engine with a 5-speed transmission and an electric starter. Rapid acceleration and smooth high speed touring are this baby's real calling. Just try one and see what luxury and explosive performance are all about.

A Brief History of the Marque

John McCormack set up the American Eagle brand in 1966 after previously working for the US divisions of Honda and Suzuki. The parent company McCormack International imported various Italjet, Laverda & Kawasaki models and sold them under the American Eagle name. The Renegade used the Laverda 125 Trail as a base but it was fitted with a 150cc motor plus the Californian designed and manufactured UNICON fibreglass bodywork kit.

When the company went into liquidation in the early 1970s they owed a large amount of money to Sprite, which never fully recovered.

Models include:

750GT (Laverda)
350 Cheeta Street Scrambler
175 Wrangler Trail/Scrambler (F3 Kawasaki)
125 Comanche Moto Cross
250 Geronimo Motocross
Renegade Trail/Scrambler 150
405 Talon, 350 Marauder
100 Sidewinder
Desert Eagle Mini Dune Buggy.

Sources: Phil Aynsley, historywebsite.co.uk, et al.

N.B. American Eagle Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded by Greg Spak in 1995, in Santa Cruz, California. That company produced hundreds of quality American-style machines prior to falling foul of bad influences. The names Logan and Cashmen are frequently mentioned in an article at wikibin.org.

The name was revived around 2004, and quality machines fitted with large-capacity S&S V-twins were built for the American market by a Tenessee firm, Bad Toys Holdings.

23-Jul-2020 elguaco at live.com American Eagle Where can I find a manual? What size battery? What type of oil? etc John Benedict United States
  • Model and year please?

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1969 Kawasaki F3 175 Bushwacker American Eagle
We got one of these in and are trying to figure out the American Eagle modifications from an original F3. Do you know beyond seat and speedo what was changed?
Trish Morgan

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