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Ardent Baby 1949 VAP4

This is the first version, with the chainset, casing and chains on the left side - in 1950, the engine was reversed.

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacture Française des Scooters Ardent 1949-1954

47 rue Georges Clémenceau, Cannes

Cannes may be known now for its film festival and beautiful beaches but the city was once also host to the manufacturer of a charming line of baby scooters made by Ardent, powered by Le Poulain and VAP4 engines.

Models included the Azur in 50 & 85cc variants, the 65cc Estérel (65cc Lavalette 3-speed), and the Baby with a 48cc two-stroke ABG VAP4 engine.

The Scooter Bible (by Michael & Eric Dregni) tells the story:

  • "At the end of the 1940s, the moped and the scooter were just beginning their career in France and Ardent tried to reconcile these two designs in their 1949 scooter-bike, the Baby-Scooter. It had an open tubular frame, small wheels with detachable rims, clad in slim 350 x 55 tyres, with trailing-link front suspension and rigid at the rear. The engine, ABG's 48cc VAP4..."

Please read their excellent book for more information on this scooter. It is available online at Brough's Books.

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