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Asso-Cabi moto d'epoca

Nel secondo dopoguerra le Officine CABI Cattaneo con sede in via Gallarate a Milano, costruiscono, su brevetto ing. A. Orlando, il motore ausiliario Asso a due tempi di 49,5 cc che viene posizionato sulla ruota posteriore delle biciclette, la trasmissione è a rullo di aderenza.

Caratteristica del piccolo motore, che pesa 8,5 kg, è il cilindro orientato verso terra.

After World War II the Officine CABI Cattaneo located in Via Gallarate, Milan, built under the patent of ing. A. Orlando the auxiliary Asso 49.5 cc twostroke engine which is mounted on the rear wheel of a bicycle, with transmission by friction roller.

The small motor weighs 8.5 kg, with the cylinder inverted.

There is an unverified listing which reads: Asso 45cc 1950-1955

The firm's customers included Doniselli, and the company was apparently still in business in 2016.

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Sources: Moto di Lombardia

fscomputer at hotmail.it
cabi cattaneo
I'v a CABI Cattaneo microasso it's a little engine for bicicles made by CABI Cattaneo Milano. it's totally original with original paint and adesive. is it rare ? which is the value ?
Francesco Scatena
Petritoli Italy

  • The engine is almost certainly quite rare. For valuations, see the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices.
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