Beamish Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: Mid 1970s early 1980s

  • Having observed the world-wide failure of the standard RL250 'Exacta' model, Beamish Motors made Suzuki an offer for all unsold machines, which the factory was only too pleased to accept. Even so, Beamish knew only too well that his development work would need to continue. The ease with which the first 50 machines had sold could not be allowed to sway his judgement. A new frame was needed too, since the original had a wheelbase that was too long and forks with too much trail. There was a marked tendancy for the machine to "crab" when negotiating tight turns, quite apart from the fact that the machine had an uncomfortably high centre of gravity. From The Beamish Owners Club:

Models include: 1978 RL325, 1979 MK3 RL250

Notes:Unrelated to Lord Beamish Spagthorpe.


I have also included a picture of a Beamish (1980) that I have just rebuilt from a box of bits I purchased, along with ...
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