Bismarck Motorcycles

Bismarck Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: 1904-1957

Between 1904 and 1908 Bismarck made large V-Twins with engines from Minerva, Anzani and Fafnir of up to 1300cc. They ceased manufacture of motorcycles in 1908, resuming in 1931 with motorized bicycles of 75cc & 98cc from JLO and Sachs. After WWII they produced two-strokes of 98cc to 175cc with Sachs and ILO engines in a frame designed by Emil Fischer. They also built bicycles.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 1957 and production ceased.

1952 Models: Moped Ilo FP 50, LM 98 K Ilo, LM 125 K, M 150 K Sachs

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Tragatsch, et al.

Sat Mar 02 2013
Bismarck 1952
Germany 150cc, twostroke engine
Hi, I am Johannes Kurniawan, I come from east java, Indonesia. I found Bismarck motorcycle made in 1952 Germany. As long as i know this motorcycle is still one item only at Indonesia with special condition, It's about 95% original painted and spareparts. There are only three items which are not original: stop lamp, cover chain drive, and rubber tank. Beside that, I also have the police paper as you can see in the picture. if you want to share about this motorcycle you can call me at +6281703335054/+6281913115444


Mon Feb 27 2012
1949 Bismarck Bismarck LM98
I am looking for information on where to purchase the decals used on this moped. Any help

Fri Sep 09 2011
quadrosarun<at>yahoo dot com
bismarck engine needed
1937 probably 98cc
found one chassis of bismarck would like to know if engine n other spares available

Bismarck 1937 Motorcycle

Mon Jan 07 2008
mick at solannmick.org
Bismarck, Post WW2, 98cc
Spotted hung up in a bike hire shop in Formentera,Spain
Essex UK


Sun Sep 09 2007
eduardo.rodrigues71 at gmail dot com
Hi, I'm Eduardo Rodrigues and i'm writing from brazil to say you taht i have a Bismarck Motorcycle. I bought in this year of germany that lives in Brazil...would you like receive a picture to add in you gallery?
I'll be reforming to have it much better. You can publish this picture in your web site. If you knew some about it (documents that can help me with reform), please send me...if you have also some site with Old motorcycle information please let me know...

Bismarck 1950s Twostroke Brazil.jpg
Bismarck 1950s Twostroke Brazil

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