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A Brief History of the Marque
Aachen-based Fafnir built a range of engines up to 8hp V-twins under licence from the Werner brothers, and from 1903 produced complete motorcycles. Their engines were used by most early German and several British motorcycle manufacturers, and also makers as far afield as Australia.

Founded in 1894 to produce sewing needles, it soon began production of bicycle spokes. Their first Fafnir engines were built in 1902 in single and v-twin format of 2 to 8hp - FAFNIR is the dragon from the Nibelungen saga.

The firm produced car kits as early as 1904, and by 1908 complete automobiles were rolling out the factory door. After WWI car production resumed, but by 1925 the firm was in serious financial trouble and the banks took over.

Manufacturers which employed Fafnir engines include:

www.kurlandround.lv discusses a 1903 Russia/Fafnir De Luxe Motorbicycle

Sat Dec 24 2005
scott.roberts5 at bigponddot com

My Granmothers brother owned a 1909 Fafnir red motorbike. This bike was sold years ago and has been restored to new condition. How many were made in 1909 and how much would this be worth today you think?

Thanks for your time

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