Leonard were motorcycles produced by J. J. Leonard at his works in Long Acre, London, from 1903 to 1904.

  • 1903 The machines used Minerva, MMC or Fafnir engines, fitted into a conventional loop frame. They had braced forks and belt drive.

    1904 The engine became the 3½ hp MMC, but a 2¾ hp was also listed. That year the make changed its name to L and C, the initials of Lurquin and Coudert, with whom they had a relationship.

    The models offered were typically primitive and had 2¾ hp and 3½ hp MMC, De Dion and Antoine engines, braced forks and belt drive.

    The Leonard marque was short-lived, but the L and C brand re-appeared on the Continental Motor Co. stand at the 1907 Stanley Show.

Source: Graces Guide

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