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Charles Gerald Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured at 74, rue du Commerce, Paris, by Charles Gérald

Also advertised as Gerald

In the early 1920s, Charles Gérald was a well-known agent for Koehler-Escoffier in Paris. In 1924 he launched a motorcycle under his own name, the Charles Gerald, a machine which differed little from many other lightweight two-strokes on the market.

Engines utilised included the 125cc two-stroke L.P.L. (b/s 52mm x 58mm) with a Longuemare carburettor. It has a 5 litre fuel tank and takes a 10% mixture of oil and petrol - a very high amount by current standards but common for the time. It is a single-speed machine with direct drive from the crankshaft pulley to the rear wheel.

Models include:

  • Model D 175 cc 2T c1926-1927
    Type E de Luxe 175cc Aubier-Dunne 1928 (Gerald)
    Model F 250cc 2T
    Model H 500cc 2T

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