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A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Bergamo 1952-1957

Made bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds. The firm was acquired by Bianchi, who produced 50cc models under the Chiorda name as late as 1972.

Models include:

  • 1954 100cc four-stroke twin*

    1957 Arlecchino (Harlequin) 48cc 3-speed moped, telescopic forks.

    1962-1963 3-speed two-stroke 48cc Super Sport

    1970 Chiorda SS Mirage 50cc, Commando 50 and 1971 GT, 72 Mirage, most if not all with Minarelli engines; however several sources mention them being fitted with Morini Franco engines.

    1972 Chiorda MO Gyromat 48cc. These were built when Bianchi.

Sources: Henshaw, et al

*Notes: There is some doubt that the 100cc existed.

thomas-schamann at web.de
Info regarding the motor question: I got one standing in my yard that I'm about to restore --- with a Franco Morini Motori motor!
You wouldn't happen to know where to get the seat, would you? :-)
Thomas Schamann

  • Finding a good used seat would not be easy. Best bet is to restore the existing one.
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