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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1952-57 by BDB (Brevetti Drusiani Bologna)

The firm was founded by Alfonso Drusiani, whose father Oreste had been a partner in CM.

The first Comet machine rolled out of the factory doors in 1952, a 175cc DOHC parallel twin of unit construction housing a four speed gearbox delivering 10hp at 6000 rpm. It ran without an oil pump, using a system later adopted by Husqvarna.

This was followed in 1953 by a Comet Sport with an engine in a higher state of tune, and in 1954 a single cylinder overhead cam model joined the lineup, along with a 98cc two-speed twostroke with twistgrip-style gear change.

1955 saw the introduction of a 250cc OHV model.

The factory closed in 1957.

Comet Models include:

  • Gioiello 48cc 1950-1953 1

    98cc Twostroke 1954

    175cc DOHC 1952, Sport 1953

    Sport 250cc OHV 1955-1957

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Henshaw

Notes: 1. Unverified.

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