Austrian Motorcycles

Glockner Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Biberwier, Tyrol

The firm built rather attractive mopeds powered by 50cc HMW two-strokes from 1951 to 1958, and possibly used Puch engines too.

Models include:
Glockner HMW 50cc 1955-1958
Conventional moped styling with bicycle-style saddle, rear swinging-arm suspension and low frame. Quite advanced design for the day.

Glockner Sport 50S
Motorcycle styling with dual seat and saddle tank, 50cc engine and pedals.


Fri Sep 15 2006
kvanherck at skynet.be
research of information
I have a moped without trade mark but I know the motor is a Halleiner built in 1956. Unfortunately the saddle is teared and I have to replace it. Have you some contacts the get pieces? or information

The bike appears to be an early 1950's Glockner, but I have not managed to track down the model. Ed.

May 07
I have find some information about my moped. It is not a Glockner but a AVADA modep built in Holland see picture.

Wed Jun 07 2006
hippo at arcor.de
Glockner Moped
Glockner (Company) Standard Model
I have some pictures of a Moped built in Austria/Biberwier in the 50´s which is not listed on your site. Interested in more informations ?

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