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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufrance, St Etienne

Hirondelle 1914-1954

Hirondelle machines were built by Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles de Saint-Etienne (Manufrance) and often displayed an MF logo.

Established in 1885, Manufrance was France's first mail order company, with an annual catalogue, known as la Manu. It offered a wide range of products, the most famous being guns, bicycles and sewing machines. After WW2, the company introduced cyclemotors and mopeds, with some success.

Hirondelle Models

The 1914 Hirondelle Legere had a 332cc Manufrance SV engine, and was available with sidecar or voiturette remorque (a trailer with seat).
1947 Model B - Ultima 2T 121cc (52 x 57 mm)
1950 125cc 3 speed, 105,000 francs.
Model n°60 of 1953-1954 was a Bernardette scooter type Y52, rebadged.
The 1959 125cc model had an Ydral engine

Sources: BuyVintage.co.uk, Cyclememory.org

Hirondelle 125 1959
Hirondelle 125 1959

solerijeka at gmail.com
Hirondelle 125 1948
Hi, I would like to sell my Hirondelle 125 '48 and I want know what it worth it about?
the documents are missing and the owner was passed away
it missing also headlight, intake manifold, start lever and chain cower
engine seems to be in good condition..
Alen Spincic, Rijeka, Croatia
regards :)
Alen Spincic
Rijeka, Croatia

batman47300 at hotmail.fr
1947 hirondelle moteur nervor
plusieurs modeles d hirondelle moteur nervor 125 cc+ 2 sorties échappement.
Je ne trouve pas de piston , segments tout le reste est ok.
Auriez Vous ces pièces ?
Merci pour Votre contact.
A bientot .
1947 nervor engine hirondelle
several models of hirondelle 125 cc nervor engine + 2 exhaust outlets.
I can't find a piston, segments everything else is ok.
Do you have these pieces?
Thank you for your contact.
See you soon .
France 47300
Rob Stepney
Tamworth Uk

  • Hopefully someone can offer a source for Nervor parts. Ed.

Sun Aug 10 2014
speakeasyeslcafe at gmail.com
1948 Hirondelle 125cc
Your advert says its for sale. I would like to know how much is the cost to purchase it. I may also want it shipped to me in Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand

Tue Mar 18 2014
info at totallybuddha.com
For Sale / A Vendre
Hirondelle 1948 125m3
Barnfind without papers. Was stored for over 35 years. Was running at that time. Engine is not blocked but didn't try to start it.
The frame number is 3293


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