Hurtu Motorcycles

Hurtu Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Founded by MM. Hurtu, Hautin and Diligeon in 1864 with a factory in Albert (Somme), they built motorcycles in the early 1900s. They also manufactured engines, tricycles and sewing machines. Their cycle and automobile posters from this period are quite impressive.

In 1946 a new company was formed, Compagnie Nouvelle des Cycles Hurtu, based at 104 rue Castagnary, Paris (15°). It is unclear whether this company was related to the earlier one. In 1953 the firm became part of Automoto.

1952 models were identical to those of Talbot and Radior.

Models include:

1949 CM 48, 48cc VAP 4 two-stroke engine
1950 CM 50 48cc Vap 4
1953 VM 53 Nervor 125cc
1955 DT 175cc Aubier-Dunne two-stroke (identical to the Automoto ADST)
1955 Motobloc 44cc Models MS54, ML54, MGL54
1954 DTT 175cc AMC 3-speed four-stroke
1956 Model HO Villiers 100cc two-speed
1959 Model H Himo 48cc
1959 Model H Vap 57 48cc

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