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Izh Motorcycles

Made in Russia since 1927

A Brief History of the Marque
Best known as the manufacturer of Kalashnikov rifles so favored by terrorists 1, Izh produces motorcycles which were almost unheard of in the west until quite recently. Since 1927 the factory has produced some 11 million of them. In the twenties they produced small numbers of American-style large capacity V-twins, but from the early 1930s built mostly smaller capacity two-strokes copied from German models, principally Adler and DKW.
An English history of the marque is available autosoviet.altervista.org

The IZHEVSK dot ru page no longer has an English version, so it appears likely that they have ceased exporting their products. The homepage is almost entirely in Russian and the latest model listed is 2009.
The 2006 range consists of
Izh Planeta 5 (350cc) - the most popular model of work motorcycle
Izh Jupiter 5 (350cc) with liquid cooling, convenient for all types of climate
Izh Yunker (350cc) is built in American style
Izh Cornet Mini cruiser (50cc)
There are also motorcycle sidecar combinations and police motorcycles.

IZH Planeta Specifications2
Engine: 346cc single cylinder air cooled
Transmission: 5 speed
Max Speed: 120 km/h
Years of Production: 1962-71
Production: 1,200,000 units.

IZH Planeta 5, 6 & 73
Planeta 5 was produced 1987-2008
Planeta 6 350cc two-stroke
Planeta 7 250cc four-stroke

1. In Europe in 2015 more attacks were carried out with Kalashnikov-type assault rifles than any other device.
2. Figures are likely from the Russian distributors, and must be taken with a large grain of salt.
3. Wikipedia DE notes that these details are unverified (Dec 2020)

marielle.mielle at wanadoo.fr
Hello, can you give me the year of the first IZH planet 4, thank you.
Stephane Raclot

  • IZH Planeta information is posted above. Thus far little has been found on the Planeta 4. Ed.

Fri Apr 28 2017
serge.laporte1 at orange.fr
IZh Cylinders
IZh Jupiter
Could someone tell me the differences between Jupiter 2/3/3-01/4/5 cylinders? It seems that the nominal diameter, the bypass chanels shapes, the exhaust attachement and the position of the 4 fixation holes are different... Have you some more information about it?
Thank you,

Fri Apr 03 2015
peruzziwalter at libero.it
What i would like to know is the size of the carburator and the size of
minimun and maxin of nozzle for motorcycle IJ 350 SIDE CAR 1961 (I
think izh 56)
and if you know where I can find it

Tue Feb 03 2015
strawson7 at msn.com
IZH 350cc Planeta
can anyone tell me what the static timing should be on this motorcycle ?

Fri Jan 23 2015
mark at batemansbayfunerals.com.au
jupiter Exhaust tip
1970 Jupiter Jupiter 3500cc
Looking for the chrome end on the muffler for my Jupiter. Mine fell off and got run over.

Mon Nov 24 2014
amandalee01 at btinternet.com
russian 4x2 quad
IZH jupiter
could anyone tell me anything about this quad,two stroke,water cooled,

Fri Nov 02 2012
Mward<at>branneldot com
parts wanted
IZH 56
I think the bike I have is an IZH 56 ? But I need some parts especially a 6 volt coil and a complete gasket kit. Can anyone help with any info on where I can get parts.
Martin U.K
Cornwall UK

Wed Jun 27 2012
izh ij
izh ij 56
avrei bisogno della scheda tcnica della mia moto + sidecar marca ij - izh 350cc come in foto. grazie tante.

Thu May 31 2012
Ersatzteile (Parts)
Motorrad IZH 42
Suche dringend Ersatzteile fur IZH 42 BJ .1956 Katalog mit Preise.Hundler in Estland TALIN
64380 Roudorf. Germ.

Sun Oct 03 2010
1955 Izh-49
for sale

Fri Feb 12 2010
irinablad at hotmaildot com

Izh, 1962 Planeta

Sorry for disturbing you, but I would appreciate very much if you could tell me what is the price range for Izh Planeta, 1962.
Best regards,
Irina Ekblad.

PS: For the moment I do not have any photoes (the mbyke is in another country for the moment).

Sun Dec 20 2009
tjebi at macdot com
planeta picture
izh planeta 350
Hi, this is a picture of a bike I owned in the 1980's, I believe it to be a 1962 izh Planeta 350 - thought you might like to have it in your izh gallery ! - cheers,

Peter Webb
Melbourne, Australia.

  • In reply to a question on its reliability:
It was problematic at first ... not always starting properly. One time it kicked back savagely while starting and hurt my leg - I figured the timing must be way off. I worked at a Laverda / Harley / Honda shop at the time, so a friendly mechanic there set it up properly for me and after that it was really very good. Much more reliable than my friends brand new 350 Jawa, which annoyed him no end !

My best riding experience on the bike was when I went off bitumen onto a roughish gravel road - suddenly all the bike's bad road manners turned into strong points and it really rode well on bad roads.

I was extremely fond of it because it was so quirky. I sold it to a friend of a friend after a few years, and I heard that he had painted it orange and mounted a headlight on the front mudguard ... hopefully he was also kind to it but I haven't heard of it since.

Thanks for your site, I enjoyed checking out the other european bikes.

Peter Webb.

Thu Dec 10 2009
richard at onebillinternet.co.uk
carburettor jets
I need a set of jets and any technical info, or opperators book on this model

Sun Nov 15 2009
vandin.daniele at tiscali.it
scheda tecnica
izh planeta 2
cerco una scheda tecnica per un izh planeta 2 con sidecar per poter immatricolare il mezzo in italia.grazie

  • No free online manuals listed as yet, but some resources at least for Russian motorcycles here: Books and Manuals

Mon Sep 14 2009
piotrstab at wp.pl
sale i&#380;
i&#380; (izh) planeta 1963
Mam do sprzedanie i&#380; planeta 1963 rok, orygina&#322;, po kapitalnym remoncie. kontakt : piotrstab <AT> wp.pl

Sun Sep 13 2009
roy-teague at att.net
what year izh do i have
izh 350 planeta5 ?
hope you can help have frame#200001203 and motor#a5010020005412
ky us

Tue May 05 2009
rautenberg.peter at web.de
parts for Izh-49 and Izh-56
Izh Izh-49 / Izh-56
For parts of these bikes ask Marko on:

easthighway.com (Estonia)

more informations also on:


Mon Feb 09 2009
areynolds82 at hotmaildot com
Identification of Motorcycle
IZH Planeta (we think)
We have come into possession of an IZH motorcycle and would like, if possible, a little help in identifying the model and where we can get information about this bike.
I have attached photos but the plate on the bike gives the following info:
T 40059
Hoping you can help

Sat Jan 31 2009
rautenberg.peter at web.de
Izh Izh-49
look at www.izh-49.de

Fri Jan 09 2009
mwlevin89 at aoldot com
How to ID a Ural
Ural IZH 49
I just aquired 2 what I believe to be IZH 49 motorcycle. Could you please give me any information on how to Tell the year and Make of the motorcycle. The vin number begins with T 56 Here is a picture of one I believe that it is a 1956 Ural IZH 49
United States

Mon Sep 22 2008
nbda31 at yahoodot com
IZH 56 for sale
Dear friends!
I have spare parts , for 2 full IZH 56 bikes (from 1961 and 1959) , after your request I send you pictures , prices, and other details.
best regards Daniel-

Sun Mar 16 2008
rubengeurts at gmaildot com
Spark plugs
IZH Jupiter 5
Hello there,

Im trying to fix my IZH Jupiter 5 bike... But the original russian spark plugs are broken.
My russian is very bad... So if anybody knows some "replacement spark plugs or specs" for this bike. Please contact me!
The Netherlands

Fri Feb 15 2008
manelbaro1 at gmaildot com
IZH (Planeta) 1978 350 Sport 1978
Only IZH in Spain. Bought new by my late father, a lifelong enthusiast and amateur racer and kept stored until now with just 10.673 km done mainly to bike meetings during the first couple of years hence it is as new. Just needs a battery to start.
Disablity prevents me to drive her so must reluctantly sell.
Price sugg 1.500 €
Located north of Barcelona, Spain.

Sun Dec 30 2007
david.mcsweeney1 at btinternetdot com
1990 neval (IZH) Jupiter 5
Hello, just bought 1990 Neval (IZH) Jupiter 5.
2600 kms from new. I would like to find owners/workshop manual in English. Needs new speedo. Good Site, Thanks, Dave.
Wolverhampton, U.K.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Dec 07 2007
bbbagley at bellsouth.net
izh motorcycles
planeta,jupiter,springbok 2000 models
dear sir i have four izh motorcycles need a new home and will give away to museums for free need home for all four in new conditions
port st lucie, florida,usa

Tue Oct 09 2007
pierre.paradis115 at videotron.ca
Planeta 350 Sport 1975
I would like to know if I can have the PDF file a spare parts manual for a Planeta Sport 350 of 1975.
Would it be also possible to obtain the PDF service manual specific for my '75 Planeta Sport 350? Can we order parts in Canada/Quebec for this model?

Sat Sep 15 2007
charlesoldtown at aol.com
izhmash for sale
ishmash jupiter 5
i have 1988 izhmash jupter 5 orange in color
runs great needs chain
and turn signal switchs

Mon Aug 20 2007
zadeleh at aoldot com
1966 IZH
I bought a 1966 IZH (turquoise-type color) with a custom sidecar to ride around my grandchildren. Its engine has been rebuilt with 0 miles on it. Because of my bad back, I cannot start it and would like to sell it to someone who could use and appreciate it. It is in very good condition overall. I have over $6500 invested in it and would minimally wish to sell it for that amount.
Texas, USA

Tue Jul 10 2007
daddymartin at hotmaildot com
planeta 350 sport
izh 350 sport 1976
can anyone tell me where i can get spares for this bike

Sat Jun 09 2007
cossackglc at yahoo.co.uk
contact breaker ignition points
Izh 49 (copy of DKW)
Can you help me please I have a Izh 49 which I believe to be a copy of a DKW motorcycle and that engine componants are interchangeable? I require a set of contact breaker ignition points could you give me any information as to where I may obtain a set I can sent a photo for identification

Manchester UK

Thu Apr 19 2007
g.newton at merseymaildot com
planeta 350 single two stroke
planeta sport 350cc 1980
I have a low milage 4550 mls,bike in good original excellent working order no Mot /tax HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH?THANK YOU.

  • warrington

Sun Mar 11 2007
ratmanner at hotmaildot com
IZH 350cc (IZH 49) piston.
Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a 1mm (.040")oversize piston & rings for an IZH 350 single cylinder bike.

Regards, Ron.

Sat Feb 03 2007
cossack glc at yahoo.co.uk [bounced]
IZH 49 - (1954)

Last I purchase a Izh 49 the bike is mint condition and I would just like to know where to get spare parts from, ie ign points etc

Sat Dec 02 2006
Dicemeister at att.net (bounced)
Great Little Motorcycle
1975 IZH Planeta 350 Sport
This is my 1975 IZH Planeta 350 Sport. This is an excellent motorcycle that is as much fun to ride as my Japanese sport bikes of the same era.

Thu Oct 26 2006
cdesignc at maildot com
Looking for Collectors
IZs, Dnper
I am seeking collectors for iz and dnper motorbikes with side cars and also models without, mt-9, mt-10, k-750 etc etc. phone:00371 26385154

Mon Jun 12 2006
fworx at hotmaildot com
motorcycles from Russia
IZh Jupiter 1961
Since you opened the IZh chapter, I will send two more photos of IZh's.
Here is IZh Jupiter, 1961, 347cc, 18 hp, 110 km/h. Taken at the Moscow technical museum,
September 2001.
Sergey Riabsev
IZh 6.113-05
Here is modern production of IZh - IZh 6.113-05, 2001.
347cc, 24 ps, 115km/h.
Taken September 2001, at Moscow technical museum.

Sun Jun 11 2006
fworx at hotmaildot com
motorcycles from Russia
IZh-8 1938
IZh-8 1938 from the Moscow technical museum collection. Taken September 2001 by Sergey Riabsev

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