Polish Motorcycles

Komar Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Poland between 1960 and 1990, these machines were exported to Hungary, Scandinavia and Germany, and probably a number of other countries. They were also marketed under the Neckermann marque.

Models include:
49cc Romet Ogar 200 two-stroke, Jawa type 223 engine (1983-90)
Romet Kadet 110 Automatic

The parent company was Romet, which remains in business marketing, among others, the Pegaz moped.

Notes. 1. Advertisements for the Ogar 200 abound, but this appears to be a rebadged Jawa Type 210 moped.

More information at The Moped Archive

Sources: Henshaw, et al.

Sun Jun 05 2016
konala43 at gmail.com
parts supplyer
komar romet
trying to find parts supplyer for romet jw62k50cc 2 stroke
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Sat Nov 08 2014
konala43 at gmail.com
komar romet
looking for parts for 1979 50 cc engine and frame

Tue Feb 01 2011
polish motobike KOMAR
ZZR/Romet 230-2350
Hi I send you some photos of komar. It was very popular motorbike. It was produced from 1960 to 1983, many many types and model more than 15 different models. Power 1,4 HP/4000 r/min, 2,8 nM/2750r/min ; gear:2 ; weight 45-50kg, fuel consumption about 1,8-2 liters/100km; max speed about 45-50 km/h. If you need more informations about polish motorbikes please sand a mesagge.

best wishes

photos here: Komar-Poland

Sun Dec 26 2010
komar 50ccm
i owned a komar 50 ccm moped in the late70-s in Hungary 50 ccm 2 cycle 2 speed steering shift ,
2-2.5 hp top speed was40 km/hr single tube frame chain drive bicycle type pedals for starting

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