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Simona Kossak on a Komar

Simona Kossak

A scientist, ecologist and author of award-winning films, she owned a terrorist-crow and slept with a lynx

Professor Kajetan Perzowski, a colleague of Simona from her university years in Kraków, says:

Once, with a friend, I was going across the Białowieża Forest in a small truck. Suddenly, we see someone pushing through the snowdrifts carrying a motorbike on their back. It was Simona. We packed her together with this motorbike onto our truck. She thanked us later, heating up a big pot of bigos at Dziedzinka.

Tomasz Werkowski, a hunter from Białowieża, recalls: "Once I saw this phenomenon advancing on a komar – wind in the hair, a pilot-cap, rabbit pants, and eye goggles. It passed me by and I had to turn around, because I didn't know what it was. This was in 1974, the very first time that I saw Simonka".

Source: culture.pl

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