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Romet Motorcycles

Romet 750/760 Pegaz, 1974-1976

1991 - 2005

Arkus & Romet Group was established by Wiesław Grzyb, an entrepreneur associated with the bicycle industry. Arkus SC became the owner of the land in Podgrodzie where the first factory was established at the end of 1995. In 1999, he bought the failing Romet factory in Jastrowie, specializing in the production of children's and youth bicycles, and a year later he became the owner of the Romet factory in Kowalewo Wielkopolski. Wiesław also purchased the rights to the Romet brand and the model names Jubilat and Wigry at that time.

2005 - 2011

In 2005, the rights to the Romet, Jubilat and Wigry trademarks were taken over by the newly established company Arkus & Romet Group. Two years later, in Podgrodzie, a factory producing scooters and motorcycles of the Romet brand was opened, adjacent to the bicycle factory, operating as part of the separate Romet Motors group. At the end of 2008, the sale of bicycles under the Romet brand was resumed. In 2009, Arkus & Romet Group introduced the Romet Bikes bicycle collection to the market. In 2010, the prototype of the electric-powered Romet 4E microcar was presented, the serial production of which was to start in 2011.

2011 - 2023

Annual production of Romet is approx. 400,000. bicycles, which is 1/3 of the total production in Poland. Production takes place on three independent assembly lines adapted to a wide range of models and an additional one for the production of specialized bicycles. The bicycles are manufactured in Poland - the factories are located at the headquarters in Podgrodzie and Romet-Jastrow in the north of Poland, together with the logistics center in Kowalewo, their total area is 65,000 m2. Previously, the frames used by most bicycle manufacturers were produced outside Europe.

In 2022, Romet bought a chain of 45 large-format bicycle shops. The company also opened offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



  • Romet ADV 250
  • Romet ADV 400
  • Romet CRS-200
  • Romet Classic 400
  • Romet Classic 400 CafĂ© Racer
  • Romet JET 125
  • Romet K-125 / K-125 FI
  • Romet R125
  • Romet R150
  • Romet R250
  • Romet R250V
  • Romet RM-125
  • Romet S-200
  • Romet SCMB 125
  • Romet SCMB 250
  • Romet Z-125
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