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A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Poland between 1960 and 1990, these machines were exported to Hungary, Scandinavia and Germany, and probably a number of other countries. They were also marketed under the Neckermann marque.

United Bicycle Works in Bydgoszcz developed a moped structure with a simplified construction compared to vehicles from Zakrzów. The creators of the Komar moped were three engineers: Bronisław Kądziorski, Andrzej Kentzer and Józef Podlaski. Work on the design, testing prototypes and preparing for serial production lasted three years. Production began in mid-1960. The first production model had the designation type 230 and started a long development line of this popular Polish machine.

Models include:
Komar 230 (1960~)
49cc Romet Ogar 200 two-stroke, Jawa type 223 engine (1983-90)
Romet Kadet 110 Automatic

The parent company was Romet, which remains in business marketing, among others, the Pegaz moped.


Komar 230 Specifications

Engine - Type SM01, spark ignition, two-stroke. Data as for the Ryś MR1.

Electrical system - Data as for the Ryś MR1, with the following changes: alternating current magneto generator, type JMO-1, power 16 W, mounted on the left crankshaft pin. Sound signal - a bell fixed on the steering wheel.

Drive system - Data as for the Ryś MR1, with the following changes: Gearbox with two ratios. Gears constantly meshed. Ratios in individual gears: Ib-3.08, IIb-1.68. Gear shifting with a twist grip located on the left side of the steering wheel. Drive output to the rear wheel on the left side of the vehicle. Transmission of the drive to the rear wheel with a single-row roller chain, dimensions 1/2 "X4.88. Number of links 106. Gear ratio 2.54. Chain tension adjustment with two two-way tensioners, located at the rear of the frame.

Carrying system - Open frame, single, welded. 45x2mm center tube, welded at the rear to a 30x2mm seat tube. Head tube with two ball bearings. Suspension of the front wheel on a short push-arm, two coil springs placed in the legs of the fork. Fork welded from steel tubes and steel extrusions. Front wheel travel 50mm. Rigid rear wheel suspension. Spoked road wheels. Hoops made of steel. Tube tyres, dimensions 2.125X23".

Braking and steering system - Data as for the Ryś MR1, with the following changes: Mechanically actuated, independent, drum, solid hub brakes. Brake drums made of light alloy, with a steel insert. Diameter inner diameter of brake drums 97.5 mm, width of friction linings 20 mm.

Body - Shallow mudguards, pressed from sheet steel. The front mudguard is attached to the fixed part of the fork. Fuel tank welded from sheet steel stampings. A bicycle-type saddle with a steel frame and a rubber cover. Tool bag attached with straps to the back of the frame. Side covers made of pressed pressed metal covering the carburetor. Pedals with rubber overlays, equipped with reflective lenses. Central stand, welded from steel tubes. Incomplete drive chain cover. Luggage carrier made of pressed steel 7, fixed on the rear mudguard, equipped with two leather straps for securing the luggage. Exhaust system, lower located on the right side of the vehicle.

Dimensions - Wheelbase 1175 mm. Length 1800 mm, width 600 mm, height 950 mm. Fifth wheel rise 800-900 mm, ground clearance within the wheelbase 160 mm.

Weights - Own 45 kg. Permissible load 130 kg. Permissible total weight 175 kg. Permissible boot load 30 kg.

Capacity - Fuel tank 6.0 litre (including 0.5 litre reserve). Gear box 0.75 litre.

Operating data - Top speed 50 km/h. Fuel consumption 1.7 litre /100 km. The smallest turning circle to the right 3.7 m, to the left 3.5 m. Tyre pressure: front wheel 0.17 MPa (1.7 kG/cm2), rear wheel 0.19 MPa (1.9 kG/cm2) ).

Notes. 1. Advertisements for the Ogar 200 abound, but this appears to be a rebadged Jawa Type 210 moped.

More information at The Moped Archive

Sources: Polish History Archive, Henshaw, et al.

Nov 11th 2022
timarl54 at yahoo dot com

Hello, I have a 60's Komar Moped. Piston is stuck. Wondering if a currently offered new cylinder, piston, head and carb would work on this motor?

1964 Komar ZZR

Model 323

Engin. S38. # 172071

Frame # 150990


Tim in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Cannot comment on whether replacement components will fit 1964 model. Best to dismantle first and inspect.
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Sun Jun 05 2016
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parts supplyer
komar romet
trying to find parts supplyer for romet jw62k50cc 2 stroke
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Sat Nov 08 2014
konala43 at gmail.com<
komar romet
looking for parts for 1979 50 cc engine and frame

Tue Feb 01 2011
polish motobike KOMAR
ZZR/Romet 230-2350
Hi I send you some photos of komar. It was very popular motorbike. It was produced from 1960 to 1983, many many types and model more than 15 different models. Power 1,4 HP/4000 r/min, 2,8 nM/2750r/min ; gear:2 ; weight 45-50kg, fuel consumption about 1,8-2 liters/100km; max speed about 45-50 km/h. If you need more informations about polish motorbikes please sand a mesagge.

best wishes

photos here: Komar of Poland

Sun Dec 26 2010
komar 50ccm
i owned a komar 50 ccm moped in the late70-s in Hungary 50 ccm 2 cycle 2 speed steering shift ,
2-2.5 hp top speed was40 km/hr single tube frame chain drive bicycle type pedals for starting

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